The Best 7 Fonts For Earth Day 2021


Which are the best 7 fonts for Earth Day 2021? The big day is getting closer and closer and maybe you have cool projects for this special event or you just want to make a cool surprise to your customers, partners, and family members.

If you will use fonts for these projects, continue reading this article. Somewhere below you will find useful information and cool fonts for your special Earth Day projects.

The fonts you will use for Earth Day should have certain characteristics to be a great fit. I will tell you more about this event and about the fonts you can use.

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide each year on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day Network coordinates globally this special day in over 193 countries.

We should take care of our planet, all of us, but as you already know, the majority of the population is doing actually the opposite. This is extremely bad for us and our children, and I hope that we will wake up before it is too late.

If you want to become a member of Earth Day Network, or you just want to find out more information, visit the website here.

The change will come from each of us.

Now let’s find out what how fonts should look like for Earth Day.

What characteristics should fonts have for Earth Day special day?

Not any font will be great for this international event. It should have certain colors, and design.

Let’s divide the characteristics into colors and design.

Colors for great Earth Day fonts

You should use any of the following colors, these are used all around us.

Take a look on your window and identify all the colors that nature use:

  • Blue (oceans, sea, water, sky)
  • Green (forest, Amazonian jungle, trees, leaves)
  • White (clean, warm)
  • Yellow-Orange (sun, desert, autumn, leaves)

Any combination of these colors will work awesome for your Earth Day projects.

Fonts design for Earth Day

The design of the fonts should have the following characteristics:

  • Sans serif fonts – I consider these fonts much easier to read and more cleaner, but also serif typefaces will work great, depending on what you pick. I will show both types of fonts.
  • Clean fonts – You need simple and clean fonts.
  • Fonts that look like nature – they might have certain elements of the nature.

The best 7 fonts for Earth Day 2021

Now I will show you 7 super fonts that you can use for Earth Day 2021.

Here they are.

Golden Leaves

Price: $12 for Desktop

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Price: No info

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Autumn Embrace

Price: from $12

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Museo Sans

Price: from $16.50

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Earth Elements

Price: $11

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Lemon Grass

Price: from $7

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Forest Camp


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We should all promote and celebrate Earth Day to gain more attention from the general public and help our planet get better.

You know that during the Covid-19 lockdowns, the overall pollution and noise were tens of times smaller? When we stayed more in our houses, with our families, and working from our bedrooms, the planet cooled and felt incredibly better.

And even more.

Wild animals were seen more relaxed, everywhere around us. They live on the same planet with us but we keep pushing them far away.

Use the best 7 fonts for Earth Day 2021 to send your message to customer and partners.

Let the world hear you and let’s all of us take care of Earth.