Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

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Let’s start 2020 with this question: Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019? This is our topic for today.

We used a big part of the holiday period to discuss, analyze, gather, and filter, hundreds of great fonts. Why? Because we wanted to create a great first post in 2020 for you, in which we present you the very best 20 fonts in 2019. You will find below all types of fonts: unique, modern, creative, and more. We included free and paid fonts.

It is extremely important to know what worked extremely well in 2019 in terms of fonts, as many of these designs will also do a great job in 2020. The right font combined with the right design, will make your website better from all points of view: readability, overall design, traffic, conversions, sales, and everything else. Think for a moment about Apple computers. Are they having the most expensive and ultra-performance components? No, even their computers which are priced for several thousands of dollars are not having the latest or most powerful CPU for example. Apple’s computer is like human beings, everything working perfectly between components, making a very powerful body. This is how fonts should work with your website design. You don’t need an expensive font, and you don’t need a designer to create a unique font for you (it can take months), you just need to correctly match the website design with the right font. Always take your time and make lots of tests before deciding the font you will use in your design, it can be a game-changer in both ways, good and bad.

Ok, thank you for the introduction, but which were the best 20 fonts in 2019?

Here are the fonts that we consider to be the very best 20 fonts in 2019

1.Katahdin Round Sans Serif (Free)

Katahdin Round Sans Serif- free font - Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

Katahdin Round Sans Serif only includes a Regular version. Designed by Tyler Finck.

Download here: Katahdin Round Download 

2. Relancer Art Deco Display Typeface (Free)

Relancer Art Deco Display Typeface- free font-

Relancer Display only includes a Regular version. Created by Ryan Molag.

Download here: Relancer Display Typeface Download 

3. Corduroy Slab Regular (Free)

Corduroy Slab Regular- free font

Only includes Regular. Created by Ryan Welch.

Download here: Corduroy Slab Regular Download 

4. The Metropolis Typeface (Free)

Metropolis Typeface- free font- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

The Metropolis Typeface is an open source modern, geometric typeface.

Download here: The Metropolis Typeface Download 

5. Osgard Pro (Paid)

Osgard Pro- free font

Osgard Pro is a powerful, luxurious typeface, adopting the fluid curvaceous elements of Romanesque typography and combining them with the Gothic style of Blackletter.

Download here: Osgard Pro Download 

6. Burnts Maker (Paid)

Burnts Marker - free font

Burnts Marker is a typeface that’s born for the hood. Gives that rough feel and would be great for any type of hip hop cover.

Download here: Burnts Maker Download 

7. Bignord (Paid)

Bignord- free font- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

Bignord is a new vintage font with a look and style that has been inspired by vintage packaging and typographic cover lettering.

Download here: Bignord Download 

8. Arkipelago (Free)

Arkipelago- free font

Arkipelago is absolutely free to use for both personal and commercial projects. It is looking awesome on both websites and flyers.

Download here: Arkipelago Download 

9. Colortube (Free)

Colortube - colored free font- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

ColorTube is the first FREE *colored font by Ivan Filipov. He started working on it a few years after he created Multicolore. The typeface is constructed following geometric principles.

Download here: ColorTube Download 

10. Vollkorn Serif (Free)

Vollkorn Serif- free font- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

Vollkorn Serif includes Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Semibold, Semibold Italic, Medium, Medium Italic variants. Designed by Friedrich Althausen.

Download here: Vollkorn Serif Download 

11. Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts (Paid)

Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts - free to use- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

Rumble Brave is a victorian classic that has all the swirls and curls you could want int a sassy display font.

Download here: Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts Download 

12. YoungSerif Medium Typeface (Free)

YoungSerif Medium Typeface- free font- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

YoungSerif Medium includes both webfont and desktop versions. Created by Uplaod.

Download here: YoungSerif Medium Serif Typeface Download 

13. Free Fat Font! (Free)

Free Fat Font - free to use- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

Free Fat Font was created by Thom Niessink, and is exactly what you’d expect. It’s Fat and it’s free.

Download here: Free Fat Font Download

14. Morganite (Free)

Morganite - free font- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

Morganite is a free typeface with 18 styles from Thin to Black. The typeface is free to use for personal and commercial projects.

Download here: Morganite Download

15. Codec (Free)

Codec- free font- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

Codec is a typeface system with 2 moods, 11 weights, and 2 logo variants.

Download here: Codec Download

16. Watch Contemporary Script Font (Free)

Watch Contemporary Script Font - free to use- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

Watch Contemporary Script is: Decorative, Font, Font Family, Hipster, Retro fonts, Roman, TTF.

Download here:  Watch Contemporary Script Font Download

17. Stay High (Free)

Stay High - free font- Which Were The Very Best 20 Fonts In 2019

Stay High typewrite involves 200 ligatures, as well as glyphs.

Download here: Stay High Download

18. Black Animal (Free)

Black Animal - free font- popular fonts from 2019

Black Animal is handmade brush style font . Very cool for logos, name tag, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, social media & greeting cards.

Download here: Black Animal Download

19. Vinograd (Free)

Vinograd font - free- best fonts from 2019

Vinograd is a handwritten display font with striking contrasting colors.

Download here: Vinograd Download

20. Craptons (Paid)

Craptons paid font - $15- Which Were top 2019 fonts

Craptons is a classic retro display font. Fall in love with its spectacular look!

Download here: Craptons Download

A final reminder

As you have seen in this post, there are lots of beautiful free and paid fonts that you can use right away in your projects. We state again that the font world is much bigger than this and What Font Is will always help you find the right font for your website, flyer, magazine, or whatever project you have ongoing now.

Now… go and enjoy these cool fonts and don’t forget to try them. Fonts are like cloths, you can decide if you like them only after you try them. 

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