Everything You Need To Know About Google Fonts

Google Fonts

Find below everything you need to know about Google Fonts.

Google Fonts is super popular and highly appreciated, but many of us don’t know all the useful information about it.
So, let’s start.

How many fonts are included in Google Fonts?

There are over 1,400 font families and all of these fonts were tested in over 135 languages.

The font catalog was enriched in 2021 with icons.

The very first icon set was the Material icons which were used for common communication needs.

Can you Google Fonts for free for both private and commercial needs?

It is important you to know that all the fonts and icons from the Google Fonts catalog are open source and available to anyone.

You can use them with your friends and colleagues, but also commercially. That means you can include Google Fonts in your products without asking for permission.

Check here the most common license – SIL Open Font License. Some fonts are under the Apache license or Ubuntu Font License. You can redistribute open source fonts according to those conditions.

What about using Google Fonts in your logo designs?

You can use Google Fonts for free for any logo design you want.

The only concern you should have is to find the right font design for your logo.

Tell me more about Google Fonts icons

Here, you will find superb free icons that you can use right away in your projects, both private and commercial.

As you will just see, there are over 2,500 glyphs in a single font file.

Symbols include 3 styles and 4 adjustable variable font styles (weight, grade, fill, optical size).

Use all the filters to easily find the icons you need for your projects.

Google Fonts have variable fonts

Use variable fonts to create your own custom fonts in seconds, without having any typography knowledge or experience.

Select the filter variable fonts and pick the font you like to start customize.

The customization process is very simple and you will see each change instantly.

Try it, it is very nice to create custom fonts for free, in seconds.

What if you cannot find the right font on Google Fonts?

The great thing about Google Fonts is that it contains lots of free fonts.

But the bad thing is that the whole planet uses them – almost 60 million websites are using Google Fonts.

If you cannot find the right font on Google Fonts, or you want to use fonts that will make your website, landing page, or project, stand out of the crowd, you should look for cool fonts on the websites that you like most.

You can also check website designers’ portfolios, Behance, and other websites.

This is precisely how top web designers do and the results are great.

When you find fonts that you like, please take pictures of that fonts, upload them on WhatFontIs.com and follow the 3 steps to identify them.

The process as you might already know it is 100% free and nobody will ask for your contact details.

For each font you upload, you will get this information:

– Name of the font

– Free or paid + price

– Download link

– 60+ free and paid font alternatives


Google Fonts is a great solution for people that need a quick, free, and general font solution for their projects.

It is very true that Google Fonts contain many cool fonts, but all of them are overused by tens of millions of websites.

Before choosing to use Google Fonts for your projects, don’t forget that you can easily use many other free or paid fonts that are highly affordable.