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It’s once again that time of year when your screens are flooded with black, yellow and red, all caps signs yelling at you to buy stuff. Black Friday has become a worldwide frenzy and the fontosphere was not left behind. No, not all fonts were created equal and some are simply better on Black Friday. We’ve asked our experts to select the very best options for this Black Friday. 

There was a time, not so long ago, when Black Friday was the D-Day for e-commerce. Now, with Cyber Monday, all year around flash sales and pop-up store promotions, the revelled shopping holiday has taken a back seat. 

For consumers, that might be good news. But for retailers it’s harder and harder to stay competitive and still pun on a good Black Friday game. And, because we are at the peak of e-commerce and global shipping, catching the eye of the permanently connected audience is becoming a harder battle. 

Rules for choosing the best Black Friday fonts

In an ocean of posters screaming discounts and promotions, having the best Black Friday font can really make or break a retailer’s success. The fonts used on Black Friday posters and discount materials has to be flashy, but some of the options used are simply put extreme, explain graphic designers. The most common mistake they have all noticed is a fail to balance a heavy font with a very busy background. 

That is why we’ve asked our own designers to give us a complete guide when it comes to choosing the best Black Friday fonts: where to get them and how to use them. 

They have also compiled a top ten (plus a few bonus fonts) of the best options to use when designing a black Friday poster or other materials. Scroll down and check it out, but don’t forget to leave us your own suggestions for the best Black Friday fonts. 

Black Friday fonts: the top options

Montserrat is one of the best fonts for black Friday. Clear and sturdy, it is perfect for catching attention without interrupting the message. It’s a classic and gets the job done. 

So is Questrial. A thinner version for a Black Friday font might be just the doctor ordered if you want to differentiate your materials from those of other retailers. Questrial makes up with width and spacing, so your lettering will pop up just the same. 

Bandy, on the other hand, brings something extra to the table. As a Black Friday font, it has all the must have qualities – it is easily readable, big and bold. But the serif like endings help it stand out and create a more put together visual identity for your brand. 

We are putting the Monako font next because, as you can see, it has a few things in common with the previous font. For a Black Friday font, Monako has the attribute that it is thin enough to not get into a screaming match with your posters’s background. 

But if classic is more your game, than the Playfair Display font will do wonders for your Black Friday banners. It is a serif font, with the traditional print look. The combination between thick and thin lines helps lizibility without affecting the content. 

In some cases though, boldness is the name of the game, and Black Friday is definitely one of those cases. If you are looking for a clean, clear, neat Black Friday font, then Changa One is a great option for you. 

The same with the Walsheim Black font. It is slightly narrower and this creates a taller aspect for your banners. 

Because Black Friday is synonymous to e-commerce and gadgets, you might need a futuristic vibe font. Our experts highly recommend the Ice Cream Soda font as an awesome pick. 

The Source Code Pro Black font achieves the same electric look, but through a more minimalist approach. 

A lot of retailers are choosing themed Black Friday events. Aliens, wild west, dungeons and dragons – anything that can induce the idea that you are basically stealing their products at the prices offered on Black Friday. Abril Titling is a cool option is you are searching for something like that. 

The Overlock font is another great way to go for Black Friday fonts because it has the advantage of not collapsing onto your background, with a little effort, that is. It is thin, but the round lettering allows it to really create an impact on any Black Friday banners or porters. 

Finally, we’re concluding our top with a classic. The extra bold version of Raleway is a great advertising font in general, but it really shows its skills on promotions like Black Friday. 

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Also, make sure you check the Blog Section – you might get that cool idea that will help you better define you visual identity. 

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