Best fonts for Instagram 2019

Few things in life are more satisfying than catching an influencer faking a luxury trip in an exotic destination, am I right? Well, if you don’t want that to be you, than make sure your Photoshop skills exceed the basic background changes and sunny skies cropping. If you really want to edit your pictures like a pro, than you need to be on top of the best fonts for Instagram. 

It would be a shame to go through all the trouble of finding the most Instagrammable picture frame at a music festival just to have the final image ignored on social media because the font you used on it is too flashy and distracts the attention from your perfect outfit. Or, on the contrary, if it’s too hard to read, people won’t spend more than two seconds trying to decipher if you were at Coachella or Burning Man. Sure, check-ins are nice, but once your great aunt Ida started using them, it became pretty clear it’s gonna take more than a shared location to attract attention on your post. Same thing with the #blessed, #mylife and #happy hashtags. 

So, when you really want your written message to pop on Instagram (or any other social media platform you’re posting on), make sure the fonts you are using are the best ones. It’s always this kind of details that truly make all the difference between an influencer shot and all your coworkers’ average vacation photos from Disneyland. 

When you’re trying to find the best font for Instagram, you always have to start with two simple questions: what fonts look best on the editing platform you are using and what fonts look best on the type of post you are going after. 

We’ll focus on Photoshop, the most popular editing tool used by both amateurs and professional photographers. 

Adobe, the creator of Photoshop, has recently renamed its typeface section from Typekit to AdobeFonts. We promise we’ll return in a future post with further recommendations for Adobe Fonts with other uses than photo editing, but for now we’re focusing on Photoshop. We’ve compiled a list with the best fonts to use in Photoshop that will look great on your Instagram. 

Also, as a general rule of thumb, the emojis you post alongside your text will also determine the quality of the end product, but there you just have to go with your personal taste and instinct. In the end, no one can stop you from using the eggplant emoji in your nick name (we strongly recommend against it, but to each his own). We’ll just focus on keeping you from writing in Times New Roman in between the eggplant and peach emoji, and that’s no easy task. 

So, back to the best fonts for Instagram. Obviously, you are creating a separate, individual visual identity. You are doing this on a platform with many fixed default options, so always strive to find a font that looks good on Instagram alongside all the other features you can’t change, like the automatic font in which your messages appear. 

What truly makes a good font be one of the best fonts for Instagram is basically its capacity to complement your photo, the plus it brings to the message you are sending out and its overall harmony in regards to the general aesthetics of your profile. Keep in mind, the order doesn’t really matter, there is no possible way to compile something like a top for best Instagram fonts. It’s always up to you to customize your profile, we’re just here to show you some of the best options for Instagram fonts. 

Billion Stars is one of our favourite fonts for Instagram because it combines the beautiful cursive of calligraphy with a graffiti vibe. It’s the kind of calligraphy that looks awesome stenciled on an actual, concrete wall so it will definitely stop some eyes when they’re browsing across your IG profile. 

Xylitol is another of our go-to fonts for Instagram, but its very particular looks comes with a lot of restrictions. You can’t use it for more than a couple of words, so we’re recommending it if you’re using it on a poster for an event – a party you are hosting and promoting on you IG account. It could also work wonders if you’re writing the name of a club, a concert of a festival. 

Nawabiat is on our best fonts for Instagram list if you’re profile is more of a wholesome, positive, good vibes only profile. It works great if you have the kind of profile where you’re sharing recipes, for instance, or other tips and tricks for healthy living. It just looks fresh and healthy, don’t you think?

ITC Avant Garde Gothic is another party-related font for Instagram. It looks good if you are teasing a series of photos you are going to post from a wild night out. 

ITC Benguiat, on the other hand, can really complement your Hollywood-ish posts. Ever wanted to post your face as a movie poster? Well, write the name of your blockbuster life in ICT Benguiat and it’s gonna look Warner Bros. hit. 

Tikal Sans made our cut for best Instagram fonts because it combines the best of two worlds. It’s office enough to use in serious, work related posts, but also relaxed enough to not make people fear that, instead of opening Instagram, they’ve accidentally opened Dave from Accounting’s PowerPoint presentation explaining why each department just has to stop wasting post-its. It could also work great for contemporary publishing. 

Blueline Paradise has the versatility that we always love when compiling list for you. Because its vintage, shabby chic look makes it great for family related posts, but also for surfing holidays in Bali posts. 

Aliens and Cows is a great font to use on Instagram and you can use it on almost any post. The tall, thin letters – even in the fonts bold version – are a great option because they don’t distract people from the picture, while additionally giving it a professional finishing touch.  

Stalemate looks great on Instagram due to its soft lines and clear lettering. It is airy enough to use on romantic posts from a Paris trip, where you are casually walking in the middle of traffic in a full ball gown and 8 inch Louboutins, as one does while in the City of Lights, right? But it also looks great on a picture of you dressed in boyfriend jeans, picking apples at your grandparents farm. 

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