10 Tips To Increase Your Sales Page Conversions – plus a super bonus


Hundreds of books and articles were written about increasing sales – online sales, door to door old style sales (they still work fantastic and it will continue to return excellent sales as more and more people quit doing it, and only the best salespersons are still doing it), phone sales, and so on. What about sales pages? We minimised tons of pages in 10 tips to increase your sales page conversions – plus a super bonus.

What is all this bonus I mention about?

I read tens of books on sales, hundreds of articles, and I had at least 20 trainings on sales, from which a few were 7-10 days intensive training with some of the best trainers in the world.

I worked with huge success in many industries as a salesperson: insurance, car financing – both retail and fleets, tens of million dollars land plots and houses, and web services in the last 10 years.

I know the sales industry extremely well and I can easily say there is a one tip that nobody is mentioning in their books, articles, or seminaries. You will find it below and I bet that after you read it, understand it, and implement it, you will increase sales.  

10 Tips to increase your sales page conversions – including a bonus one that nobody is mentioning

This article is indented to be a resource resulted from my experience, from the best sales books and articles, and from other salespersons and brands that do sell huge via their sales pages.

Here is the first tip.


Headline is yes, the most important thing from your sales page. You have just a few seconds to catch your visitor attention. You think is simple to make a great headline? It isn’t.

The headline should be catchy, accurate, helpful, not long, not short, and be 100% representative for what your visitors will find on the sales page.

To prepare a great headline, write down as many as possible, and carefully analyze each one.

You should also analyze what the best online and written publications do. Most of them are great in building catchy headlines that make you super curious.

Don’t use clickbait headlines, nobody likes them. You will get traffic but not sales, and in plus, you will angry your visitors.


The very next thing that visitors see on a sales page, after the headline, is the overall design.

The font is playing a huge role here. Your font should have the right size and should be easy to read.

Which is the right size?

It depends on your sales strategy and sales page design; you can use 12-14 pt or you can go much larger. I highly recommend you play with the design, and be original.

Don’t copy what others do.

Fonts that work excellent on sales pages

You should use simple and popular fonts that you are sure that everybody like:

  • Arial
  • Verdana
  • Times New Roman
  • Calibri

Check the fonts used on other sales pages.

If you find something that you like, but don’t forget that it should be easy to read, use WhatFontIs – the best font finder – to quickly identify it. It is free to use, and it takes less than a minute to identify the font you want.

3.Images and design

Don’t use images bought from the internet. Visitors are bored to see the same pictures everywhere they look.

Go the extra mile and work with a designer to build new images for your sales pages.

Optimize the images to be as small as possible.

Work with your team to have a unique design. It is easy to use a landing page builder, you will save lots of time, but you won’t make the best sales page your dream of.

4.Explain visitors why they need your product or service

Explain visitors why they need your product or service, but not in just a few words. Take your time and explain as good as possible why they should get your products.

You think that nobody will ready half a page or more? You will be amazed how well this works.

Don’t do it if your product or service is already very well known by the masses of people.


Your sales page should focus on 2 things – on your visitors’ attention and needs, and on what you have to offer.

Use on your sales page only just is needed, nothing more.

6. Product details

Be very clear about your product. Which are its features, which is the cost, which is the warranty, and so on.

Show them how does it work.

Tell them the price they have to pay and how can they pay: PayPal, debit cards, etc.

7. Contact information

Usually it is very complicated to get in touch with an online company.

Make a live chat on your sales page, and quickly respond to the visitor’s presales questions. It is easy to do and most of companies are still not implementing it.

Write your email address and have an easy to complete contact form. Let them know how quick do you respond.

8. Get your visitor email address

If he is on your sales page, you already won something – their email address. Even if they buy or not from you in that moment, having their email address means that maybe you can sell them later.

Don’t rush a sale, if it’s now or a month later, it is still a sale.

9. Check how your visitors engage with your website

There are very good options on the market to do that. It is worth the time to find out how they engage and use your website.

10. Sales page speed

It is super important your sales page to load instantly if possible.

Visitors are not waiting over a few seconds for a page to load. They quickly lose their interest and quit the page.

The bonus tip that nobody is mentioning

This my favorite part of the article, I will share with you the tip that nobody is mentioning in books, in articles, in trainings, etc.

Never quit and do all the hard work until the sales page is performing as you wish.

What does it mean?

The internet is crowded with tips, do this, do that, and you will increase sales with 500%. Is that true? Maybe yes, maybe not.

Nobody is telling you that to have a great sales page, you need to invest time and money. You need to work hard and never quit.

Normally you will work many months to have a sales page that rocks the industry and for that you have to invest lots of energy and money.

Forget premade solutions and stock pictures, forget what you saw on other sales pages, do your own hard work and you will get the conversions you always wanted.

In the end

Probably the most important tip is that only with hard work you can get the results you want. Of course that is important to implement these 10 tips to increase your sales page conversions – plus the super bonus, but always work hard to accomplish what you want.

Usually we set very high expectations but we want to use simple and fast solutions, because this is what the internet and ads are telling us: build a website in a couple of minutes, build a landing page with 0 experience and get tons of sales, and so on.

You can build a website in minutes using a website builder but that website will not perform as a website made by a team of highly skilled designers and developers.

Never quit and do all the hard work until the sales page is performing as you wish.

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