Fonts and the correlation with high conversion rates


Find useful information about fonts and the correlation with high conversion rates.

Fonts and the correlation with high conversion rates

By the end of the article, you will have the information you need to use better fonts in your designs (landing pages, websites, book covers, etc.) to boost your conversion rates.

You will find below several tips and guides that are simple to follow, even for beginners and people with absolutely 0 experience in fonts.

Who is this article for?

For all of you – copywriters, marketers, web designers, entrepreneurs, website owners, startups, bloggers, and the rest of you that work with fonts.

You don’t have to be an expert to use fonts that will help you boost conversions.

It is simple to do it, I show you right away.

Which is the correlation between fonts and high conversion rates?

If your copy is hard to read because:

  • Letters are too close together
  • The typeface size is too small.
  • The words are too close together
  • The color of the text makes the text unreadable or hard to read.
  • The font design is weird, messy, etc.

What will happen to your conversion rates?

Will heavily decrease or even go to 0.

So, it is clear that to obtain high conversion rates you have to do many things very well.

One of the most important things is to successfully deliver your message to your audience.

Fonts will help you do that.

What should you do from a font perspective to increase conversion rates?

There are many things you can do to increase conversion rates.

One of them is to change the fonts you use.

Let’s say that you have a landing page that converts pretty well and you want to grow its conversion rates even more.

To do that, the first thing that I recommend you is to find several fonts and try them on your design.

Test the new designs with your friends, colleagues, partners, and even real customers.

At this point, you will change just the font and nothing more.

You might be surprised but even this change might get you more conversions.

Combining 2 ore more fonts

It is super useful to combine 2 or more fonts.

You will get a much better design than using only 1 font.

Here are some rules and tips to combine fonts:

Choose complementary fonts.

Consider context.

Mix serifs and sans serifs.

Create contrast.

Don’t use very similar fonts.

Limit the number of fonts to a maximum of 3, best is to use 2.

Make lots of tests.

Playing with different font sizes

Who are your customers? How old are them?

You are selling glasses that help people view better?

A bigger font size might help your shop immensely.

Right now, as we speak, governments from different parts of the world (like China), wants website owners to use larger fonts for its aging population.

Text arrangement and color

How you arrange text on your page plays a major role in your design and conversion rates.

Try different arrangements and ask for as many opinions as possible.

Regarding text color, pay huge attention to what colors you use.

Some people are not even seeing well some colors, and others might not properly read the text if your text / background colors are improperly matched.

The power of fonts and design explained by a real story that you will never forget

The story is about a book that was not getting great sales numbers.

The book was great from a content perspective and title, but its covers were not.

Its owner was selling the book just on Facebook, using ads that he created. It worked very well but it was obvious that he was getting much less than he should.

A talented book cover designer saw one of his ads, contacted him and proposed a new book cover design, free of charge.

He told him to use it for free and if his book would gain many more sales than before, he can pay him as much as he wants.

Keep in mind that this is a real story.

The new book cover had a new design and new fonts, but the very same structure, color, and text arrangement.

It wasn’t actually very different.

But it worked much better, the owner doubling its sales figures.

And yes, he paid the designer good money and they are working together even now, as we speak. 


Fonts are important, no matter what you do with them.

Always remember the above story.