Writing Is Not Just For Experts

Writing Is Not Just For Experts

Even if most people believe the opposite, writing is not just for experts.

Writing Is Not Just For Experts

You can write, your kid can write, and all of us can and SHOULD write.

In this article, I will convince you to start writing – your life, a book, a magazine, an article, or whatever you want.

Why do people think that writing is just for experts?

There are many reasons why people believe this.

First of all, this is how we all grow up, thinking that book writers are a special breed of people that we will never be.

The second reason is that we think writing is ultra-hard.

Which is not actually true.

Another reason is that it usually is very hard to get your book (if a book is what you are looking to write) published.

But you don’t need to go the classic route and publish your book with a publisher.

You can make a website, and sell it directly there, and of course, social media channels will help you big time.

But we will discuss about this a bit later.

Tell your brain that you can write, and you will see that with the right mindset you can really do it.

How to start writing

The very first thing that you should do is to tell your brain, again, that you can write, and that you will write no matter what difficulties will arise.

The second thing you need is to decide what you want to write.

Let’s say that you want to write a book.

Now you have to make a plan.

Here are some questions that will help you big time, to create your plan:

– What is your book about?

– How is your book different from others?

– Is it a digital book or a written, classic book?

– Do you have enough knowledge to write the book? If not, you can read a couple of good books on the subject and get all the needed information from there.

– How many pages do you think that your book will have. This is important as you will plan to write a certain number of pages per day or week, or month.

– Who will design your book covers? Free templates are available and graphic designers are affordable for such tasks.

– What fonts will you use in your book? You will choose to use free or paid fonts? Paid fonts can also be super affordable, especially if you get just what you need (certain sizes, weights, etc.) and not the whole font family. If you saw fonts that you like but you don’t know how to get them, use WhatFontIs to identify the fonts you like, for free, from any image.

– Will you sell it or offer it for free?

– Where will you sell it, on your website, or directly on social media channels?

After you respond to all these questions, you can actually start the writing phase.

Writing is not just for experts

Each project can be overwhelming, but if you do it piece by piece (in the same way any huge project was made – for example the pyramids in Egypt), it will be much easier.

What is important to get your first book done is to be consistent and not quit.

Write each day or week, no matter what.

Make your writing plan realistic and don’t write rules that you will not follow.

That is all, it is not complicated, and you can do it.

After your first book will be finished, come back to this article and offer us a link to see it.


Writing is beautiful and can help you in tons of different ways.

Start writing, you will love it.