Thanksgiving fonts 2019: where to get the best ones and how to use them

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and what better opportunity to bring your whole family and friends together? Before you start planning the reunion, make sure you have the best Thanksgiving fonts to use on your invitations – paper or digital.

There are two types of people in the world: those who need an excuse – like a special event or holiday – to start decorating and those who decorate just because it is Wednesday. Both categories agree though that Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year to bring your decorating skills down from the attic and just go wild. 

For all of you Thanksgiving enthusiasts, we have put together a list of 20 beautiful Thanksgiving fonts that will look amazing on your table or on your website. They can be used for invitations – both online or paper ones, for name cards that you pun on the table, menus, banners or posters. 

Top 20 best Thanksgiving fonts

Whether you are aiming for an elegant look or a relaxed, funny design, we have asked our experts to select their favourite Thanksgiving fonts for 2019. 

Autumn Chant is a beautiful script font that combines elegant capital letters with wide, casual lower case cursive. They look amazing on menus or name cards. 

November Script has the same qualities, but in a rounder, heavier form. This Thanksgiving font could work wonders on your invitations. 

But if you are after a more relaxed effect, Apple Butter is a great option as a Thanksgiving font because of its irregularities. Let’s face it, nowadays families are all about irregularities, so why not embrace that in your Thanksgiving designs?

Also from our ‘relaxed’ catalogue is the Leafy font. Sure, it can be used for any number of events, but we just think the beautiful leaves intertwined with the lettering will just pop on your Thanksgiving table. 

If you are not really into the theme and just want a nice font for your Thanksgiving menu, the Fall is Coming has an innocence and easiness that will blow away any tensions that might arise during Thanksgiving. 

The same goes for the Better Together font. This script Thanksgiving font has the ‘perfect imperfect’ look that is so fashionable right now, combining elegant lettering with warm, round shapes. 

The Pumpkin Pie font is another great Thanksgiving option because, well, its name, but mostly because it resembles your children’s handwriting back in first grade. And we can’t think of a better moment for a bit of healthy nostalgia than the holidays. 

For a more traditional approach, consider the Apple Pie font for your Thanksgiving design. Let’s not forget that this holiday is one that celebrates harvests and bounty, so a hearty font will do it justice. 

So will the Chalk Hand Lettering font. The over the top capital letters look nice on invitations and the lower case characters are smooth and neutral enough to balance everything out. 

And speaking of harvest time, CK Harvest is a beautiful option that gives an autumn image, perfect for any Thanksgiving theme. 

Good Bye November has a wonderful airy look, combining the thick and thin lines like an ink pen. The almost fading letters give the perfect finishing touch for your Thanksgiving design. 

Another great option for a more traditional Thanksgiving look is the Leafy Glade font. The intricate details and soft finishes will simply take your breath away. But we recommend only using it for short words and combining it with a different, more minimalist font. 

And, keeping the outdoor vibe, the Tenderleaf font is a lighter option with the same results. 

Autumn in November is a script font, but with a modern twist. It would look great on Thanksgiving decorations. 

We’ve saved the funny fonts for last, just like you save your favourite Thanksgiving dessert. 

We simply love the Thanksgiving Shopping font because it makes fun of one of our biggest problems – we tend to turn every holiday in a consumerist fest. 

The Turkey Time pretty much says it all. Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is all about gratefulness and family, but it’s also about the turkey. 

We also love the Pilgrim font. It will bring a lighthearted vibe to any Thanksgiving celebration. 

The next three fonts are bonus options for anyone looking for delicate details to complete their Thanksgiving designs. 

The Gobbie Thanksgiving Dingbats font gives you a variety of classic holiday elements – the turkey, the pilgrim hat, corn, leaves. 

The KR Thanksgiving 2002 font brings the same icons to the table (pun intended), while adding a few more specific elements like the Native American symbols. 

Finally, the Astype Ornaments Thanksgiving font provides beautiful finishing details for your designs composed by flowers, fruit and ribbon arrangements. 

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