What is the best font for email signatures?


What is the best font for email signatures? Which is the right size? What color? Should you use bold or underlined text? I respond below to all these questions and I help you with 10 Tips for a great email signature.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Email signatures say a lot about you, the company you work for, your creativity, and even more.

You have to pay huge attention to each block and detail of your email signature. Every design mistake, error, or bad decision, will dramatically decrease your chances to get responses to your emails. You will lose business.

In this article I will cover all these aspects and I will share with you 10 tips for a great email signature so you can create yourself a super email signature, without using generators or buying templates from different stores.

Let’s first see how great email signatures look like

First it is important to see how great email signatures look and understand what makes them great.

Here are 5 examples.

This email signature has all the info you need, it is easy to read, it uses the company colors, and 2 fonts that work very well together.

I find this email signature good, but not perfect. It is a bit crowded and the company logo is quite small, but it is not bad and with some quick tweaks, it would be perfect.

This simple email signature put the focus on the name of the person you will work with. The design is clean and it doesn’t take too much room of your email footer.

I personally like most email signatures with pictures. Adding a human face there makes the email more friendly and you really feel that you are speaking with a real person face to face, not via written messages.

The email signature uses 2 colors that are picked from the company marketing materials. It is a great practice, to use the same colors from the company logos for example.

Clean email signatures that use white space are elegant and easy to read.

The only negative thing about this particular email signature, is that you have to use it large to create the effect.

10 Tips for a great email signature

It is easy to create yourself a super email signature. You only have to respect some simple guidelines and common sense.

Don’t use email generators or templates that will be seen in hundreds or thousands of other emails.

You want your email signature to be unique.

Below you will get 10 tips and you will find out what is the best font for email signatures.

Here it goes.

Use complete and correct information in your email signatures

Nobody likes to call you and see that the number is wrong.

Or even worse, to come to your company address without calling before, and find out that you moved to another location.

Put there your full name, your LinkedIn profile will be much appreciated, your phone number if possible, your position in the company, and any other detail that you find important for the persons you speak with.

Include your logo

If you work for a brand, put its logo there.


Use the colors that your company uses. If your company logo is using red and blue, you should one of these colors, or both, in your email signature.

Colors should be used with attention in email signatures.


I highly recommend you to use a picture of yours, one that was made specifically for your email signature. You have to smile, naturally, and look good.

Let a photographer do the picture to you, or be sure that you use great light if you take it by yourself.


Fonts are the most important part of email signatures. Use a wrong font (handwritten, symbol font, etc.) and nobody can easily read your email signature.

First impression is important and most times you cannot change it if you didn’t do well from the very first moment.

Let’s see below tips and tricks for fonts.

What types of fonts

When thinking about fonts in email signatures, you should first consider what font you use in the body of your emails.

If you want to use a font in your emails body and a different one in email signature, you have to be sure that these 2 fonts work well together.

To be safe, you should use “web safe” fonts.

Here is a list of “web safe” fonts

  • Arial
  • Arial Black
  • Calibri
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Lucida
  • Palatino
  • Tahoma
  • Trebuchet
  • Verdana
  • Times New Roman

Custom fonts come with high risks and I don’t recommend you use them in email signatures. You may think that people will like and appreciate your gorgeous email signature but if they don’t have your custom font, they will see typefaces like Times New Roman or Arial instead and your design will be broken.

That is great to use web safe fonts.

Font sizes

It is best to use 10-12pt typefaces to ensure easy readability. For creativity, you can go larger for certain parts of your email signatures, for the name of the person or the company.


Best is to use your corporate colors. If don’t have them, use black and grey.

Avoid using flashy colors that will make your signature hard to read.

Company consistency for email signatures

All email signatures should look the same within the same company.

If you include your profile picture in the email signature, pay attention so all of you have the same profile picture style.

Consistency will help your company.

Limit information

Use all the information it is needed, but don’t complicate your email signature with information that is not useful for the reader.

Responsive email signatures

Make your email signature mobile-friendly.

Be sure that pictures are scalable and the links are clickable.

In the era of mobile phones, an email signature that look bad on phones say a lot.

Alling your design and use white space

Professional and the best-looking email signatures are perfectly aligned with the graphic, type, and icons, in a logical and simple way.

Take your time and arrange everything.

Balance your content

Play with the email signature design until you find the right balance between the font you are using, the sizes and colors you use, the picture, and the space between all of these “bricks”.

Ask for opinions from your friends and colleagues. If several people like your email signature, then it is good to go. If not, take your time to tweak it. Email signatures are made usually once for all.


So what is the best font for email signatures? As you saw in this article, there isn’t a quick answer.

Email signatures are simple to make, even if you are not a professional designer.

Use these 10 tips for a great email signature, make a plan and a sketch of how you want to look your email signature. In 1 hour, you should have the email signature design ready to be installed in your email account.

If you want to identify new fonts from any email signature, use WhatFontIs, it is free to use and quick.

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