Everything You Need To Know About The Recent Apple Launch Event


On 15th September 2020, tech enthusiasts from all over the world watched the special event that Apple has each year. Find out below everything you need to know about the Apple launch event in 2020.

This year, the event was unique from 3 points of view:

We normally know exactly what to expect from the standard Apple launching event in September. But this time, several things happened.

Find them below.

The event was fully digital.

Because of the situation with Covid-19, Apple team decided to take all the measures to protect themselves and everybody else.

If you ask me, they took the right decision. They are a huge corporation and they are an example for the whole world.

Did it had a bad impact on them? I guess not, most people would anyway watch the event on their mobile phones and computers.

The date was 15th September, a bit late from what we were used to.

Apple’s previous September events took place on:

2019, Tuesday 10 September

2018, Wednesday 12 September

2017, Tuesday 12 September

2016, Wednesday 7 September

2015, Wednesday 9 September

2014, Tuesday 9 September

2013, Tuesday 10 September

2012, Wednesday 12 September

The iPhone 12 was not presented and there are rumors that probably on mid-October the new iPhone lineup will be presented.

It was a big hit for all of us who were waiting the new iPhone. Especially because this new phone will probably be a big change from many points of view.

What did Apple present in this digital event?

Many of us would say – not too much.

Both the new iPhone and the MacBook were missing.

Here is what they presented:

Apple Watch Series 6

This is the newest version of the Apple Watch and it comes with some cool features to fight with Covid-19, with asthma, and heart failure.

Apple Watch Series 6
Image: Apple

The watch will determine how much oxygen you have in your blood. How does it work? Will it be accurate?

You should know that oxygen measurement will not be available in all countries and Apple hasn’t yet confirmed which countries will get the app with the ability to measure blood oxygen.

Apple has indicated that oxygen measurement will only be available in some countries, but it hasn’t yet confirmed which countries will have the app that has the ability to measure blood oxygen.

Preorder the Apple Watch Series 6 from Apple here

Apple Watch SE

This is the cheaper version of the Apple Watch Series 6, having almost the same features.

Apple Watch SE
Image: Apple

What is missing

  • The Blood Oxygen sensor
  • The ECG
  • The always on display
  • The processor is the S5 from the Series 5 rather than the S6 found in the Series 6.

Pre order the Apple Watch SE from Apple here

iPad Air

What’s new

  • New design – iPad Air looks very similar with iPad Pro.
  • The powerful Apple’s A14 Bionic, a 5nm chip with a six-core CPU (two high, four low), and 11.8 billion transistors. Apple says that we should expect a 40% performance increase over the last iPaid air.
  • The 2020 iPad Air has a larger Liquid Retina display (2360 x 1640), of 10.9 inch.
  • 12 MP rear camera.
  • Touch ID sensor built into the on/off switch; the Home button is gone.
  • USB-C port rather than a Lightning port.

Preorder the iPad Air from Apple here.

8th generation iPad

Everything You Need To Know About The Recent Apple Launch Event - Ipad 8th Generation
Image: Apple

iPad was already leading the market and now it got exactly what he needed so much – a more powerful CPU.

What’s new

  • A12 Bionic processor – A huge jump in performance – 40 percent faster CPU performance and twice the graphics capability.
  • iPadOS 14 comes with awesome specific features for the iPad.

Pre order the 2020 iPad from Apple here

Apple One

With Apple One, you can have a single subscription to many of the Apple’s services like iCloud, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple News, iCloud and the new Fitness+ that comes later in 2020.

Apple is always doing our lives simple, and Apple One will help us even more.


Everything you need to know about the recent Apple launch event is that they said NOTHING about the new iPhone 12.

For sure Apple had its reasons to delay the new iPhone 12 but most of us are still upset. We waited the whole year for this special event and now we have to wait until mid-October. Why haven’t they presented it? They could have shown us the phone and said that the shipping will be delayed.

The delay is not just for the presentation event, but also for the shipping of the phones.

We will have the new iPhone in our hands in December.

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