Smart Marketing Ideas In 2022 – Examples included

Smart Marketing Ideas In 2022 - Examples included

Find below smart marketing ideas in 2022 – examples included; these will help you get excellent levels of ROI, without tons of money.

Smart Marketing Ideas In 2022 - Examples included

Marketing is becoming more and more expensive and even as we pay so much money, the return of investment is constantly getting worse.

So, we pay more to get worse results.

This is the trend.

And this happens with a reason – the competition is extremely high (tons of advertisers) and potential customers are being attacked each moment with ads, everywhere they look and go.

Companies that want to get much better results, lower costs, and grow their companies, will need to implement smart marketing techniques.

What is smart marketing?

For me, smart marketing represents any way of achieving great results without going the traditional way.

By traditional marketing I mean the common ads on social media, print magazines, etc.

Smart marketing should contain elements like:

– Clever and unique idea

– Potential of going viral

– High-engagement level

– Low price

– Different message or/and idea approach to potential customers

Great marketers think outside the box and come with fresh ideas that many times work excellent.

It happened to you to say about an ad that it is awesome?

This is smart marketing.

Examples of smart marketing ideas in 2022

I will offer you ideas for different businesses types.

These ideas will help you understand what is smart marketing and will heavily inspire you in creating your own smart marketing ideas.

Flower shop

Most flower shops always go the very same way in creating ads.

They take some nice photos of their flowers and they put them on Facebook and Instagram.


Why don’t use smart marketing and do way different ads.

1 – Jump out of a plane with a flower in your hands. You think it is crazy? I paid a team to do it for my flower shop, the ad worked extremely well.

2 – Create an amazing flower arrangement in front of your flower shop. People will come and take photos in front of your flower shop and publish them on social media.

The cost to make the awesome flower arrangement versus what you get (huge exposure from social media and in the end, sales) is incredible.

This idea can work for any kind of shop.

3 – Launch a course for kids.

4 – Offer free flowers to all the women that walk by your shop, every Monday morning or Friday.

Motorcycle equipment shop

1 – Let your potential customer test-drive any equipment they want to buy.

Your shop will be extremely different from anything else.

2 – If you have an online shop, guarantee that you will pack and send the product extremely fast.

3 – For shops that think they have the best prices, implement the following strategy “You found the product cheaper elsewhere? We offer you the same price.”

Any kind of business

1 – Ask your customers for real video reviews. Convince them to do it by offering a free nice product.

2 – Launch contests with nice prizes – every week or even every day if you can.

3 – Offer free toys for kids for every purchase a customer makes.

4 – Create a referral program with great payments

5 – Partner with another company/product

6 – Launch a funny explainer video

7 – Launch your company’s Tik Tok channel and publish useful or funny content.


What you should get from this article are 2 things.

First – never stop of thinking for smart marketing ideas.

Second – Implement all your ideas, no matter what.