How Fonts Affect Your Website


Do you ever wondered if and how fonts affect your website? Probably you didn’t know (me neither), there is a whole study about this, made by the famous researchers from MIT. Here is the study if you want to read it.

The study demonstrates that fonts have a huge impact on us. Great fonts on a website for example, help us in the following ways:

  • Can and will make us curious about the text, even if it is a long copy.
  • We will have a better mood.
  • It will make us buy – maybe the most important aspect of great fonts.
  • The engagement rate will be much higher.
  • In just a few words, we will like the website.

What font should you use?

I don’t think that there is a perfect formula for picking the right fonts for your website, there is only common sense and a lot of trials to find the best.

If you follow these principles, your website should do fine (in terms of fonts):

  1. Choose a font that represents your brand and your message – serious, modern, clean, elegant, playful, scary for a Halloween shop, etc.).
  • Avoid very similar fonts when you want to combine 2 or more fonts.
  • Use font pairing tools to easily find fonts that work well together.
  • Pick fonts that are easy to read.
  • Spacing is important – use fonts with enough spacing between letters
  • Pick a font that has enough weights, sizes, and styles for your website needs.
  • Free or paid? It is up to you what you pick, but keep in mind that so many important websites are using free fonts.
  • Whenever you find a font that you like, try it on your website. Do as many tests as you need, and try several fonts before choosing one.

How to identify new fonts for your website?

There is a 100% free and super simple way to identify fonts from pictures and from the web. The name of this tool is WhatFontIs, and can be used in 2 ways.

You take pictures of the fonts you want to identify and you upload them on WhatFontIs website.

The process is very simple. You upload the picture, you crop it if needed, you write down the letters identified by the software (no need to do that if you register – the registration is free and it takes less than a minute), and right after you will find out the name of the font, the price, you will find out where to get it from, and very important, you will get over 60 free and paid font alternatives.

Imagine that you finally find that super font that you were always looking for but it is more expensive that you are willing to pay. Using WhatFontIs feature, you will immediately get tens of similar fonts, many of them being free.

With the WhatFontIs Google Chrome Extension, you can easily identify fonts from websites, emails, and newsletters.

This is super cool, right? You can now find out what fonts is anybody using, including your competitors, or websites that you love.

You install the WhatFontIs extension for free, and you will have its icons in the upper right part of the screen. Whenever you want to identify a font from the web, you press the icon to activate WhatFontIs, and you hover your mouse over a text. You will find out immediately the name of the font. If you click on the text, you will receive over 60 free and paid font alternatives.

It is super simple to use and 100% accurate.


Fonts are heavily affecting your website; have you ever tested several fonts and checked the results? I did this experiment for a website of mine and I was totally surprised when I saw the results.

I changed only the font, in rest everything was the same (the website design, the logo, the name, the products, the prices, the ads, etc.), and in just a few days, I started to sell more. Explain this… .

What you should take from this article? 2 things are super important:

  • Fonts do affect your website – sales, performance, engagement, and everything else
  • Use WhatFontIs (100% free) to identify fonts like professional web designers, developers, and marketers. Having the best fonts at your disposal, you will enjoy better results from your website.

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