Quickest Guide To Pick The Right Fonts For Landing Pages

Quickest Guide To Pick The Right Fonts For Landing Pages

This will be the quickest guide to pick the right fonts for landing pages.

Quickest Guide To Pick The Right Fonts For Landing Pages

There will be times when you will need extremely quick a landing page and you will want to make it convert as great as you can.

To create high-converting and engaging landing pages, you need several things:

– Design

– Font

– Product or service

– Copywriting

– Engaging images and/or videos

– Great price

Today we discuss strictly about the font or fonts you will use in your design.

Fonts represent a different part of the landing page but they are part of the overall design.

Fonts and landing pages

I saw it millions of times, and for sure you too – landing pages with fonts that are hard to read, fonts that are too large, fonts with weird colors, fonts that doesn’t match the brand feeling, touch, price, and philosophy.

Fonts are usually left unchanged and untouched.

Some people are just picking a font they like for the landing page they just created, or they use the standard font that the landing page builder has.

This is extremely bad; you never want to leave fonts as they are.

Fonts have a huge impact on your landing page conversions rates.

Just a font change can help you increase conversion rates or it can make your landing page a disaster.

That is why it is important to follow this quick guide and respect some simple rules and tips.

Quickest guide to pick the right fonts for landing pages

Creating landing pages is super simple in 2022, there are tons of landing page builders and software, and in plus there are tons of templates.

Many of these solutions are even 100% free.

So why is it so hard for some of us to create engaging and high-converting landing pages?

The number one reason is the rush of the whole process.

Even if you will use the same template that 1 million people used before you, you can still get extremely good results.

If your product or service is really great and the price is exceptional, it doesn’t matter at all how your landing page looks and what fonts you use.

But if you are not in that situation, probably nobody is, you have to work and find the “secret formula” for your upcoming landing page.

Part of this formula is the font you will use.

Here are my 10 tips to follow so you can easily pick the right font for your landing page:

1. Simpler is better.

If you don’t know what font to choose, pick a popular font.

You cannot go very wrong with this option.

2. Free or premium font

Premium fonts are great but you have to find the right font for your landing page.

Don’t just get a premium font because it is premium.

3. Readability

Is your font easy to read?

Try it at the font sizes you will use on your landing page.

Ask your friends if they find the font easy to read.

4. Avoid fonts that people hate

There are racist fonts and all kind of “bad” and “weird” fonts out there.

Don’t use them.

When you find a font that you consider fine for your project, search it on the web and see what people are saying about it.

You don’t want to pick a font that the world hates.

5. Font weights

If you will use a font for your whole landing page (headers and paragraphs), check if the font has all the weights you need.

6. Don’t use more than 2-3 fonts on a landing page

Fonts can be combined but best is to use maximum 2-3 fonts on a landing page.

7. Be consistent

The best is to use the same font all over your brand – website, landing pages, etc.

Don’t use a font here and another one there.

8. Serif and sans-serif fonts

Don’t use both styles of fonts if you are not sure what you are doing.

9. Make sure you have the right to use the font

You might think that a free font can be used anywhere but this is not true.

Many fonts are free to use just for personal projects.

Keep this in mind.

10. Brand feeling, voice, touch, look, price, etc.

No matter what font you choose, pick a font that matches your brand.

If you sell “serious” products, you don’t want a font that is playful.


Overthinking is the worst thing you can do in all aspects of life.

Don’t overthink what font to pick for your landing pages, just respect these simple rules and tips, and you will do just fine.