Microsoft Launched Its Own Website Builder


Hot news, Microsoft launched its own website builder. It is free to use.

This is the biggest and most important entrance in the website builder’s niche; the giant Microsoft having almost unlimited budgets and some of the best people in the world.

But it is not the only one, WordPress also launched its own premium website builders. We will discuss it in another article.

I bet that the existing website builders are not happy with this move. No one has the power of Microsoft and they will soon start to lose a part of their market share.

And what makes things even worse for competitors is that Microsoft found a super clever way to uniquely position its website builder, through a super collaboration with Facebook. I will explain it a bit later.

Website builders market share

Now let’s see how the website builders market share looks like. The information is from 2020, and it was provided by SiteBuilderReport.

It is interesting to see some stats, right?

Microsoft Launched Its Own Website Builder

As you see, WIX is by far the most used website builder on the market and because of that it will also be the most exposed to Microsoft website builder entrance.

WIX has over 4.5 million powered websites which is A LOT.

How much websites will WIX lose to Microsoft? We will see in another year when I plan to do a follow-up for this article.

What we know about Microsoft website builder?

Let’s see what we know about Microsoft website builder, there are some cool information.

Microsoft Launched Its Own Website Builder
Microsoft Launched Its Own Website Builder
  • Microsoft website builder is under the Digital Marketing Center division.
  • It is addressed to small companies that don’t have an online presence.

Over 36% of small businesses don’t have a website and this is a huge problem for them as 80% of customers are making their research online before visiting a store and make a purchase.

  • What problem wants Microsoft website builder to solve? They will remove the barriers of costs and lack of time of small businesses to create websites.
  • How it works? The website builder will automatically import all your information from your Facebook company page.

But you can also use it separately, as a standalone website builder using the included components.

  • 100% free to use.

How to create a website with Microsoft website builder?

The process is very simple and straightforward, especially if you will choose to build your website from your Facebook page.

Step 1

Begin by signing up for a Digital Marketing Center accountOpens in new window.

You will be asked to provide a website; select the option I don’t have a website. Help med build one for free.

Write your website URL and hit continue.

Step 2

After you sign-up, click on My website in the upper right part of Digital Marketing Center screen.

Now you can choose between these 2 options:

  1. Import information from your business’s Facebook page.
  2. Build it yourself quickly and easily using website components.

Select option 1.

Step 3

Now you will be brought to the website builder view.

The software will pre-populate your website with components based on your Facebook page information.

You will be able to customize all these components:

  • Headline and description
  • Customer action button (Call now, Send email, Get quote, etc.)
  • Cover image
  • Business summary
  • Social posts
  • Reviews
  • Gallery
  • Business contact information
  • Social links

After you make all the edits you want, hit Publish on the right corner to make your website live.

The whole process is very simple and quick.

And let’s not forget, it is totally free.


Microsoft own website builder will have its own place in the niche, and I am sure that it will find millions of users very fast, in less than a year.

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