CNN’s Problem With “Racist” Chop Suey Font


Do you know CNN’s problem with “racist” Chop Suey font?

Yes, this is another “racist” problem that a font generated these weeks. Just a few days ago, Tom Hanks’s son was heavily accused in the press because he used a “racist” font on his cloth collection named White Boy.

The font was somehow similar with fonts that Nazist used in World War 2.

So, what is this all about?

Now fonts are playing a major role in the “racism” war?

Or some of us like to find offense in every corner of this beautiful world?

CNN said on their official Twitter account: “”For years, the West has relied on so-called ‘chop suey’ fonts to communicate ‘Asianness’ in food packaging, posters and ad campaigns. But such fonts perpetuate problematic stereotypes,” 

CNN's Problem With "Racist" Chop Suey Font
CNN’s Problem With “Racist” Chop Suey Font

Tim Young, a political satirist, told Fox News “CNN has reached the epitome of ‘we’re out of stuff to pretend to be outraged by this week for clicks’ if they’re surmising which fonts are racist,”.

The CNN report is named “Karate, Wonton, Chow Fun: The end of ‘chop suey’ fonts,” and it was written by Anne Quito. Here is the link if you want to read it.

Reporter Anne Quito wrote “There’s a good chance you pictured letters made from the swingy, wedge-shaped strokes you’ve seen on restaurant signs, menus, take-away boxes and kung-fu movie posters. These ‘chop suey fonts,’ as American historian Paul Shaw calls them, have been a typographical shortcut for ‘Asianness’ for decades,”.

“It’s hard not to cringe at the Chinese stereotypes bundled up with each font package — especially when seen through the lens of today’s heightened vigilance toward discrimination and systemic racism. Critics believe that using chop suey typefaces is downright racist, particularly when deployed by non-Asian creators,”.

What are Chop Suey fonts?

Chop Suey fonts are also known as wonton fonts, Chinese fonts, and chopstick fonts.

These fonts have a visual style that express “Asianness” or “Chineseness”. The design is styled to mimic the brush strokes used in Chinese characters and Orientalism.

The CNN’s problem with “Racist” Chop Suey font

So, in the end, which is CNN’s problem?

Is the use of Chop Suey fonts a “racism” problem?

The “problem” for CNN and other people seems is the fact that the Asian community is in part contributing to the perpetuation of certain stereotypical Asian cultural signifiers which are then used and abused by non-Asian enterprises to exoticize the Far East.

What people feel about CNN’s problem with Chop Suey fonts

People don’t understand why CNN has a problem with Chop Suey fonts and why are they talking about “racism”.

Find below many opinions shared on CNN’s Twitter account.

As you will see, people are not happy with CNN’s article and they don’t agree.


Racism is part of our history and we should never forget it so we can heal the planet.

Racism has to stop immediately, all over the world, it has nothing good in it.

But let’s take a deep breath and stop for a few seconds.

Is Chop Suey font a real racism problem? It seems not.

We should not find problems everywhere we look because most of them will be invented by our imagination. There are people that are 100% sure they say or they were in contact with aliens. We tend to believe what our brain wants to believe.

Let’s all stop doing strange things and have a real, honest, and true fight with racism. But with the real racism, not with fonts. The fonts are not racist and they will never be.

I really do hope that this will be my last article about “racist” fonts and people will focus on better things.