The Best 10 Fonts For Business Cards


Have you ever wondered which are the best 10 fonts for business cards? You will find below what fonts you should use on your business cards, no matter who makes the designs, you, or a specialized shop. I included below 10 fonts examples, with pictures, prices, and download links.

The power of business cards is very under rated in 2020 and many of us don’t have this “old fashion” plastic, paper, or even wood cards. Time ago, probably before emails, it was mandatory to have business cards in your pocket, and handle one to each new person you meet.

Business cards say a lot of things about yourself, and can help you create a strong image of your person, or a bad one. The distance between the 2 is terrible small.

Places where you need business cards

There are places where you will do terrible bad if you don’t have a business card:

  • Business events – Tons of business cards are shared here. If you don’t give people your business cards, they will not contact you. How could they if they don’t know your details?
  • Business meetings – You go to a customer to which you want to sell your products or services. The first contact is extremely important and every small detail count. You need a business card, a great one.
  • New customers – Each new customer of yours needs your business card.
  • Charity events – Similar with the business events, people want to see who you are, what you do for a living, and how can they contact you.

Business cards say a lot about you

Well, your business card is part of your image and personality. Offer cheap business cards to your customers and they will immediately notice that you don’t invest in your business cards.

Pay too much on your business cards, and they will say about you that you exaggerated.

People like creative business cards, but most of them don’t appreciate weird materials and designs.

It is important also to have a beautiful business card holder. Don’t keep your business cards in your pocket as you might deteriorate them.

The font is used on the whole business card and here you can easily go wrong with your pick. Select a font that is easy to read, and that matches your business activity, your personality, and your business card design. Below you will find the best 10 fonts for business cards, try the free ones on your designs and see which one is the best fit.

Are business cards still viable in 2020?

Yes, you should use business cards each time it is possible.

Use beautiful business cards in the right moments, and you will realize how powerful is this simple, usually paper document.

The Best 10 Fonts for Business Cards

You can easily design your business cards in 2020, there are lots of free online tools, but you can also create them in Photoshop or other similar software.

For the very best business cards, I recommend you the help of a professional designer. This guy knows the design principles, the best practices, and he has everything it is needed to create unique and wonderful business cards.

Whatever path you decide to follow, to design your own business cards or hire a designer, check the below 10 fonts for business cards. You will see what kinds of fonts are usually used on the best business cards from all over the world.

Let’s start.

Solomon – $10

Bouquet – $39

Barlow – Free font

Bebas Neue – Free font

BioRhyme – Free font

Jura – Free font

Lucky Dream – $10

Dorothy Clark Script – $16

Helvetica – Free font

Bright Daddy – $12


Business cards are important, helpful, and affordable.

For all of you who don’t use business cards, I provoke to try them for a few months and you will see the results with your own eyes.

Use these “papers” to present yourself, to build up your business image, and show to your partners that you pay attention to all company or personal brand image.

As you just saw, I included different types of fonts for business cards, both free and paid, and with different designs, so you can pick the right one for your design.

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