Use a logo generator or hire a designer?

Use a logo generator or hire a designer?

What should you do, use a logo generator or hire a designer? Here is everything you need to know.

Use a logo generator or hire a designer?

To answer this question, you need first to think about several things:

– What is your budget?

– What kind of logo do you need?

– Is your company just starting or it is an old business?

– Do you need to use certain elements – lines, graphics, colors?

– How fast do you need the logo?

– Is it just a logo or is it a brand identity too?

Below, I am doing a quick comparison between these 2 options of getting a logo.

Using a logo generator

There are lots of advantages if you choose to use a logo generator.

To name a few:

– Very low price.

– Best quality versus price.

– Quick – you will get a logo even in a few minutes.

– Some logo generators can also help you with brand identity.

– Logo generators are very simple to use, even for people that never used them before.

– Designs are unique and look great.

I personally love logo generators, even if only a couple of them are really doing a great job.

For all my recent businesses, I used strictly logo generators and nobody (my friends, partners, and clients) knew that my logos were created by a computer and not a fancy and expensive designer.

Using a logo generator, it is true that you cannot get a logo exactly as you want. You can heavily customize it but you cannot have 100% exactly what you want.

But the results are extremely good and you pay peanuts for a nice logo that it is ready in just a few minutes.

If your business is not a huge one, a logo generator is more than enough.

Hiring a designer for your logo

Designers can create outstanding logos, but that will cost you from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars.

They will ask you tons of questions and it will take them from a few days, up to a few months to deliver your logo.

These are the 2 huge minuses when you work with designers for your logos.

The advantages are that they will help you with ideas and design rules, they will adapt your logo to your business, they will create logos as you need for different mediums (some logo generators are doing the same), they will use the fonts you like, and even more.

When you hire a designer to make your logo, you will be 100% sure that your logo is 100% unique.

At least this happens if you hire a reputable designer.

In my country, the state hired a designer to make a logo for the country, and they paid close to 1 million euros.

After a few months, newspapers were showing that the logo was a cheap copy.

So even if you work with designers, always pay attention.

And probably even more important, don’t work with a designer without signing a contract in which you stipulate all the conditions.

The most important conditions are that the logo is copyright free, that wasn’t copied, and that it is unique.

Otherwise, you could face huge problems.


Both ways of getting a logo are great but for sure one, it is better than the other in certain conditions.

For me it is much better to use a logo generator even if the logo will probably not be the same quality of a logo made by a top designer.

Use a logo generator if you just launch a business, the costs are minimal and you get the logo right away. But if you need a uber professional logo and you can pay the price and wait for weeks or months, then you should probably hire a designer.