Create A Font And Use It As A Powerful Marketing Tool

Create A Font And Use It As A Powerful Marketing Tool

Find out how you can create a font and use it as a powerful marketing tool, no matter in what business industry you are in, and how much experience or money you have for creating a font.

Create A Font And Use It As A Powerful Marketing Tool

This idea came to me some long time ago and I will personally do it for a company of mine.

When I decide to do it, I said to myself, why shouldn’t I share with you so you can do it too.

It won’t affect me in any way and for sure it will be a superb and helpful idea for many of you.

The article will be structured as following:

1. How to create a font from 0? Is it expensive? How long does it take? What font should you create?

2. How to use your newly created font as a powerful marketing tool?

So, let’s start with the first part.

Everybody thinks that lots of money are needed to create a font.

This is not accurate.

Anybody can create a font, even by itself, after a simple tutorial.

Let’s answer all these questions one by one

What methods are there to create a font from 0? Which are the costs?

You can do it by yourself, using simple tools.

But this is not what I recommend.

You should hire a talented designer from Upwork or Fiverr. There are people that can do a great font for you for small prices like $50 or less.

Do your Due Diligence and hire the right person.

Is it a long process? What font should you create?

Depending on who you hire – freelancer or agency, and on your requirements, a font creation can take a few days or weeks, and up to 1 year.

I estimate that your first font creation will not take over 1 month.

Now regarding the font, you should create.

This is probably the most important thing in the whole project. Most of your efforts should go in this part.

If you figure out what font people want, and you do it right, you will go viral and this is what you want. I will explain below in the next part of the article.

How to use your newly created font as a powerful marketing tool?

So, let’s say that you have your beloved new and custom font created.

Now the big question is how you can use it as a powerful marketing tool.

First, you need to know that you will offer the font for free.

Yes, for free. It doesn’t matter how much money you paid for creating it.

If and only if, you created a font that is really nice, people will start using it in their projects. Online magazines, print magazines, bloggers, YouTubers and other people will start writing and discussing by this font, and by who created it.

People from all parts of the world will visit your website to get this nice font. Big websites will redirect people to you.

That means huge amounts of traffic.

Some of this traffic will convert into customers for your business, no matter the industry you are in.

This is super smart marketing and this is what few people do.


Because people are used to use marketing in its standard form:

– Banners in print and online magazines

– Sponsored reviews

– Articles

– Ads

Email marketing

– Etc.

Stop doing the same with everybody and expect super results because you won’t get them.

Marketing is more and more expensive and the results are worse than ever.

Try this method, but do it right, and you can thank me later.


It is much simpler than you think to make this idea work and the price you pay will be small compared with what you will get.

Try this idea and find new creative ideas for doing marketing.

It is possible and simple.