Best Label Design Practices in 2021


Today you will find out which are the best label design practices in 2021.

Best Label Design Practices in 2021
Best Label Design Practices in 2021

As much as we want to believe that there are huge differences between products, especially when talking about food products, drinks, supplements, and many other types of products, the reality is that the biggest differences are only the size, shape, colours, labels, and the price.

He grew up thinking that a shinier product is better, that a more expensive product will be more healthy (food, drinks, etc.), and that labels that look great transform the product into a premium thing.

This is the world we live in and this will never change soon.

So all the characteristics of a product matter but the label design is super important.

When you go to a shop and you want to buy something, first you see the image of the product and right after the price.

If these 2 are great, you will start analysing the label.

Now the label has the power to make you buy or run away.

So which are the best label design practices in 2021?

A great label design will sell the product with ease, no matter the real quality of the product, exactly as a book cover can do wonders.

There were books that were doing extremely bad in sales, with the initial cover, and after a new book cover was designed, the very same book was getting huge sales.

This is the power of design.

Let’s see the best label design practices in 2021 so you can supercharge your products.

The correct label size

An improperly fitting label will make your product look embarrassingly incorrect.

The label can be too small, or too large. Both will ruin your product design.

Don’t think that that your label should cover the whole product.

Its size depends also on what you want to put on (including the legal requirements).

Label design should always be done using a professional software

Microsoft Word is a super text editor but you should not design your labels in this program.

Same with Photoshop which is much better but still is not the best for label designing.

Get Adobe Illustrator or similar software.

Design the label in CMYK.

Obligatory add a “Bleed Area” of 1/16th Inch

All great labels have a bleed area.

Simply ensure the graphics you have used extend beyond the intended label size by 1/16th of an inch.

Use Guides and rulers to line up your label design

Great labels are correctly aligned.

This take time, yes, but your labels will look awesome.

Not lining up elements correctly is usually the basic mistake that beginners make in label design.

Always have in mind the BIG picture

Think carefully and plan with attention how the label design will look like.

Answer yourself some questions like:

  • What do I want to achieve with this label design?
  •  Which are the best selling points of this product?
  • Why should people buy it?

Premium touch

You want to add a premium touch to your label design even if your product is not expensive.

To achieve that, you will have to use high-quality pictures and print the labels with high-performance printers.


Fonts play a major role in your label design.

They are the “design” of your text.

Use a font that matches your product, and which is simple to read from a good distance.

The logo

The product logo should be the first thing that a potential buyer should see on your product.

This rule applies only to well-established and popular brands.

If your product is new on the market and you haven’t heavily advertised it, your logo is not so important.

Apply Apple design to your labels

Less is more.

Keep your design simple and efficient, exactly how Apple does it with its products.

Don’t forget the barcode

All labels should have a barcode, don’t forget it.


To create a great label design you should allocate many hours of hard work.

This is the first secret.

The second one is to make as many tests and variants as possible.

Play with several layouts and designs. Ask for opinions and only after pick the best label design.

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