What Fonts Use The Biggest 10 Online Forums


Have you ever wondered what fonts use the biggest 10 online forums? Find out below this information and how to identify fonts from any place you want, for free 100%, even without registering.

A forum was a public square in the Roman municipium where people were trading good. It was like a marketplace as we know it today. This was its basic function but in addition to that, a forum was the gathering place for political discussions, debates, meetings, and so on. It supplemented the function of a conciliabulum.

So first we had the forums, after that the bulletin boards, and right after the internet forums as we know them today. One of the first forum sites (which is still active today) is Delphi Forums, once called Delphi. The service, with four million members, dates to 1983.

In the 14-25 range, I used forums a lot – car enthusiasts and computer games forums mostly. I was at least once a day active and it was brilliant. I made lots of friends, some of them are still part of my life.

Now, as an adult, I still use forums, but for my actual passions: computers, bonsai, and ceramics. Forums are super places when used right. If you never used one, I strongly suggest to start trying one.

I found out how to do ceramics from 0 by discussing on forums and watching YouTube. How cool is that?

Let’s find out together what fonts use the biggest 10 online forums


Font: IBMPlexSans 


Stack Overflow

Font: Arial



Font: Segoe UI



Font: Open Sans


Yahoo Groups

Font: Helvetica Neue


Google Answers

Font: Arial


Something Awful

Font: Roboto



Font: TripSans



Font: Arial



Font: ArgumentumMed


As you see, all these online forums use easy to read fonts. This is the most important aspect of a font for forums and probably the single one. Nothing else matters as Metallica is saying.  

I promised you to show you how you can identify fonts for free, 100%, without registration, from any place. The name of the solution is WhatFontIs and is the single font finder on the web that:

  • Has a huge database of over 700k indexed fonts.
  • Can identify both free and paid fonts.
  • Works with all font foundries, including Google Fonts.
  • Is super-efficient.
  • You can use for free 100%, and even without registering.
  • Has a simple and quick interface.
  • Offers over 60 free and paid font alternatives for each identified font.

WhatFontIs can be used in 2 ways, depending on the medium of the font you want to identify.

If the text is on a picture

You can take a picture of a text from any object you want or even from the internet if you cannot save directly the picture, and upload it to WhatFontIs website to identify the font.

There are only a few steps, no registration needed:

1.You upload the picture (drag-and-drop it or press the picture to browse it) or write the URL down.

2. You crop the picture if needed.

3. You optimize the picture if needed. I let everything as it was.

4. You insert the characters identified by the powerful AI. If you register (with your Facebook or Google account), the software does this step for you.

5. At this stage you get over 60 free and paid font alternatives for the font you wanted to identify. It looks like this and you get the names of the fonts, the prices, and the links from where you can get them.

It is very simple to use WhatFontIs and to identify fonts from objects. I used it to identify fonts from all the objects in my house, from my phone, from different apps, and places, even from building graffities.

Keep in mind that even if the software cannot identify 100% the font for you, you will get 60+ alternatives. And again, the software is free.

If the text is on the web – websites, emails, apps, forumus, etc

Using the WhatFontIs Google Chrome Extension, it is super simple, quick, and 100% free, to identify all the fonts you want, in seconds.

After you install it, you will have a small icon in the upper right part of your Google Chrome Browser. Whenever you want to identify fonts, click on it to activate it, and hover your mouse cursor over the text you want. The powerful AI will tell you the name of the font and if you click the text, it will help you with 60+ free and paid font alternatives.

Now you can use WhatFontIs to identify fonts from any website you want, app, email newsletters, forumus, and any other online place. Whenever you like a font, identify it and use it in your projects.

Many people, including me, used WhatFontIs to build awesome font collections.


Online forums are a great way to spend some quality time. You can make new friends, you can learn new skills, you can find quick answers to your questions, and much more.

As you saw, the biggest 10 online forums in the world are using simple fonts that are easy to read. If you want to launch your own forum, carefully check these fonts and use one of them for your website, you cannot go wrong.

If none of these fonts fit your forum, use WhatFontIs to identify fonts from any place in the world, for free.

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