Business Idea – Free Story Books For Kids

Business Idea - Free Story Books For Kids

Yesterday I was thinking about launching a new company and I’ve got this business idea – free story books for kids.

Business Idea - Free Story Books For Kids

I thought very well on this and this is super smart business idea.

Here is everything you need to know if you want to start a business.

Why this business idea – free story books for kids – will work extremely well?

I personally love business ideas that are simple to test and launch, to manage, to grow, and which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, making the business too risky.

So why this business idea sounds extremely well?

* First of all, this business can be managed by one person, at least in the first months or years. Until you hire people, you can reach very high levels of revenue.

* The budget to launch a story book for kid is affordable for anyone.

* It is simple to write story books for kids.

* The business has immense potential.

* Return of investment will excellent.

* It is easy to “sell” free story books for kids. I will explain a bit later.

* It’s nice to do something great for kids.

* Huge grow potential, and in many directions – YouTube, Shop, Courses, Clothes, Toys, and much more.

* Low risk business model.

* Easy to test the business model, before investing money.

Sounds great?

Continue reading and things will become even more interesting.

Business model

I thought about the following business model for this business.

You offer the story books for free, on a monthly basis, and you get money from selling ad pages in the books.

Everybody wants great story books for kids, for free, right?

Parents will pay just for the shipping costs, nothing more.

For a small monthly cost, they will have a nice book for their kids.

The story books for kids are being read by parents, so your audience will be both the parents and the kids.

Ads can be – toys, clothes, accessories, furniture, kindergartens, and other stuff.

Test the idea

Before actually launching your free story books for kids business, you should test the idea.

Make one book of 10 pages, just the digital version. After you have it, calculate your costs and how much money you should get from advertising.

Now you create a nice pitch and you send it to as many potential advertisers as possible.

You tell them what you plan to do, how many persons will your book reach, which is your audience, and how much costs a full ad page in your book.

This should not take you more than 1.5 months, two weeks to make the book including the covers design, and 2-4 weeks to reach the potential advertisers.

Depending on what advertisers say, you can tweak the business model and the idea.

If they pay less than you need, you can add more add pages to your book, including ad pages.

How to launch free story books for kids

By now, you should have the right business model.

And in plus you know the advertisers.

First thing you should do now, is to make a plan.

Decide when you start publishing books, how you will find parents and convince them to get your free story books for kids, when you will ship the books, etc.

Try to think about all the aspects.

All of these should be done before actually starting the business.

The start will be difficult but once you make the first steps, the business will get traction and you will find yourself in the situation of needing employees because the company is growing quickly.


Launching free story books for kids can be a brilliant business, both financial and soul rewarding.

Tweak this idea and make it better.