A 2022 CV should look and feel different

A 2022 CV should look and feel different

Everybody knows it, a 2022 CV should look and feel different from how it used to.

A 2022 CV should look and feel different

And it doesn’t matter which is your job role or experience, it applies to all of us.

So why should a CV be different in 2022?

Because the whole world changed from all points of view:

– People skills.

– Work experience.

– Businesses.

– What we expect from people we hire.

– Also, people expect other things from employers.

– Experience is important but in a different way than it was years ago.

It is absolutely normal to update our CVs to 2022 and not stick in the past.

This is what most people do, but we should change that.

A creative and a “better” CV has much more chances to get analyzed.

So, what should you do to craft the “right” CV in 2022?

To answer this question, let’s write down what you should not do.

It is much easier rather than telling you what to do.

Here we go.

Not to do in your 2022 CV

Here are my own rules when I craft a CV that works awesome in 2022.

These rules are based on my common sense, on my experience, on a few great articles written by top HR people, and last but not least, on discussions I had with friends of mine that work as Head of HR in top companies like Mercedes, HP, PWC, Vodafone, Deloitte, and BMW Motorrad.

The first thing I would do is to absolutely forget the classic format of the CV.

You want to be as creative as possible without going weird.

If I were you, I would include a link in the CV that should open a video of yourself.

That would be totally awesome and useful for your chances to get hired.

Never use a template. At least don’t use it in the standard form, you will have to hire a designer and heavily edit it.

Weird and rare fonts – pay huge attention to the fonts you are using.

You want the fonts you pick to work with the job role you apply for.

This is the main rule.

The other rule is that you want a font that is 100% easy to read (run away from weird and rare fonts).

If you apply for a kindergarten job, you can use a more playful font, while if you apply for an accountant position, you want the fonts to very serious.

Here a few fonts that I suggest you use for your 2022 CV, if you need serious and safe fonts:



Helvetica Neue


You can use premium fonts too, but don’t pick complicated or luxury fonts.

The fonts you pick have a huge role in the overall CV design and feel, and they heavily reflect your personality.

Crowd design – always use a clean and minimalist design

Too colorful CV – don’t use colors if you don’t know very well what you do.

Too large or too small text – find the middle point between large and small text for your CV.

Old photo of you – People hate when they see a very different person from the CV picture.

Many people use very old photos in their CV, shocking their interviewers.

Important information missing

You want to write all the important info in your CV (email address, phone number, full name, etc.).

Too many pages

You want your CV to be as short as possible.

Too many pictures

Usually, 1 picture of yourself is enough.


Crafting a 2022 CV is simple and enjoyable, and there is no magic behind the process.

Just be courageous to be creative and different, without exaggerating, and you will do just fine.