Fonts That Cost Each Around $5,000

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The internet is loaded with tons of fonts, including free and paid. Regarding the paid ones, how many fonts you know that cost each around or over $5,000?

Most times I see the same fonts over and over, and I am asking myself why.

With so many options on the market, why are people still going the easy way and don’t spend a few hours to get a better font that match their website design for example? If you have the answer for this question, please leave a comment below the article.

In the opposite part of the room, there are people that spend around $5,000 for a font. These people I do understand extremely well. These are people that take care of very important designs and which are willing to get only the best of the best.

In this post we are talking about 4 fonts that are expensive (is $5,000 really expensive? For who?) for the majority of people, or better said for individuals.

You will find out which are these 4 fonts, who created them, where can be seen, and why the price is high.

4 Fonts That Cost Each Around $5,000

Lexicon — €3592 / $4996 — €281 / $391 per font (24 fonts) — designed by Bram de Does

Lexicon font designed by Bram de Does. Price: $4,996

Included in the 4 fonts that cost each around $5,000

Where Lexicon have been seen?

Lexicon has been used in Dutch Van Dale dictionaries, and in various other books.

Trinité — €3368 / $4685 — €281 / $391 per font (29 fonts) — designed by Bram de Does

Trinité font designed by Bram de Does - - a font that cost around $5,000

Where Trinité have been seen: I personally saw Trinité in the shopping center of Rotterdam.

Ruse — €3255 / $4528 — €562 / $782 per font (22 fonts) — designed by Gerrit Noordzij

Ruse font designed by Gerrit Noordzij, price: $4,528

Ruse have been seen in the book The Stroke – Theory of Writing.

JHA Bodoni Ritalic – from $7,500 for 1 user – Desktop and Web Font (10,000 page views per month) – designed by Jan Henrik Arnold

This font is the most expensive from the 4 fonts that cost each around $5,000. JHA Bodoni Ritalic can easily go over $10,000.

JHA Bodoni Ritalic font designed by Jan Henrik Arnold

Expensive font that cost around $5,000

Bodoni Ritalic have been seen in tons of places.

Here we can discuss some good hours as Bodoni Ritalic has a great history and it appeared in many places. To name a few:

  • Bodoni font was first used in 1925 in a publication.
  • Bodoni font was used in movie posters like Mama Mia!, and Black Dahlia.
  • It has been used in many logos: Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden, and even in the classic “CK” for Calvin Klein.
  • In appeared in magazines Metropolis and Elle.
  • Variations of the Bodoni font have appeared in the coverslip for the single Britney Spears 3.

Why these typefaces are so highly-priced?

Different price strategy

Most font designers price their fonts cheaply to make their products accessible to the masses of people.

With this strategy, they hope to get more sales, or at least, to get some sales as the price is not high. This happens also because the masses of font designers do this, so it’s a pressure done by the community.

A good and similar example is regarding the WordPress themes where the buyers feel that a good theme should not cost more than let’s say $60. Maybe an awesome and unique WordPress theme can be produced, but it will be sold for $200, and because of that, fewer people will buy it. With this fear in mind, I think that the WordPress themes community is making baby steps now.

Let’s go back to fonts

Lexicon has this extremely different strategy in which they price their font at a much higher rate, being addressed to people that are looking for rare and exclusive fonts.

Huge brands spend millions of dollars per year and they will not consider $5,000 a high price.


High price tags offer exclusivity because most people cannot afford such products, similarly to luxury watches, clothes, cars, and yes, even fonts.

You will rarely see these typefaces in print, which makes them special every time you see them.

Quality control

A super expensive font will make sure that your work will not be used to produce mediocre work.

Top graphic designers are the ones that earn good money and they are the ones that will use your font in their work.

Expensive fonts are less likely to be used to produce mediocre work.

It’s for publishers

Large publishers spend tons of money on marketing, $5000 for them is peanuts.

In which conditions would I pay around $5,000 for a font?

Believe it or not, there are quite a few situations that would make me pay $5,000 for a font like Bodoni or Lexicon. I would launch a new product and use any of these 2 fonts.

After a few minutes of analysis, the price tag starts to look a lot more as normal. An extremely rare font will transform your logo, website, poster or whatever you are using it on.


Does it make sense to get fonts that cost each around $5,000? Yes, if you have the right budget. You don’t have the right budget? The answer is no.

Fonts are important and I highly recommend you to spend time and money (if you don’t find the right free font) for a proper font.

Huge companies invest lots of money in fonts and all the other details why the smaller and less experienced companies are using any font.

Think about this as the difference between people that read 50 books per year and people that are not reading at all.

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Or you can pay $5,000 and get one of these 4 fonts.

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