WhatFontIs CEO building houses with Habitat for Humanity


During his lifetime, each man should plant a tree, father a child, create one of the best font identifiers out there and build a house, says an old English proverb. Alex Cuibari, WhatFontIs founder and CEO, just slashed another one of those points off his to-do list. 

For a few days on a chilly October, Alex Cuibari decided to battle with his addiction for identifying fonts and, instead, pick up a hammer and join the biggest house building charitable organization in the world.

Habitat for Humanity has been helping people without homes for over four decades. During this period, the charity has built or help reconstruct over 800,000 homes. Overall, 4 million people have benefited from Habitat for Humanity’s projects. 

Ten of these homes were built early October in Vaideeni, a small town in the Vâlcea county in Romania. The ten families for whom the houses were built lived in extreme poverty, many of them having lost their homes in a terrible flood four years ago.

Since then, they had been living in improvised homes in shipping containers. They had no plumbing or heating, just metal boxes in which they slept and cooked. It was their only shelter and the only way they could raise their small children. 

Habitat for Humanity, with Alex’s help along other approximately 270 volunteers, changed their lives forever. Now, the ten families have proper houses they can call home. 

‘It was amazing to see how happy and grateful they were’, says Alex, who, besides the actual work, has also raised money for the Vaideeni project. 

‘It was truly impressive to see hundreds of people from several continents come together and work as a team for those in need. The days I spent with Habitat for Humanity were inspiring and really restored my faith that people can actually make the world a better place, day by day, project by project’, he continued. 

Truth be told, it was not just the ten families who had huge smiles on their faces those five days the houses were being built.

Everyone involved, from the volunteers that actually did the work to those who supported the project by bringing them food or coffee, kept smiling. Yes, it was a lot of work, but when people come together and donate their time, energy, feelings besides money, a dream can come to life. 

If you want to read more about Habitat for Humanity’s projects worldwide or particularly in Romania, you can follow the links we have attached. Hopefully, the number of volunteers will keep growing every year. You can become part of that and donate for the amazing project that actually change people’s lives. 

What charity do you feel closest to your heart? Let us know, we love hearing about the amazing things people can achieve when they combine their forces for the greater good.