Covid-19 Made Fonts Friendlier


Have you noticed that Covid-19 made fonts friendlier?

Covid-19 Made Fonts Friendlier
Covid-19 Made Fonts Friendlier

It is not a click bait, but a true story. I will explain right away what do I mean, stay with me.

To better understand what do I mean, I will walk you through what happened in the last year or so.

The bad things that came with Covid-19

Covid-19 was and it still is a true nightmare, even if in some countries things are getting better. Many of us lost friends and family members, we lost our jobs, companies, and much more. We lost our faith in having our lives back.

Worldwide economy got a very hard punch in the stomach.

Now, as I am writing this article, in my country things are getting better and better.

There are just a few hundred new cases of Covid-19 each day, most of the population wants to be vaccinated (brand is not 100% important but most go with Pfizer), and most of the businesses are again open.

We can walk outside without masks, we can eat inside restaurants, we can go to theaters, cinema, events, and much more.

The economy is getting back at the level before Covid-19 hit us.

The good things

There were good things that we noticed during Covid-19.

  1. We re-think our relationship with nature and environment.
  • The lockdown helped the planet to get rid of air pollution, sound pollution, and green house emissions.
  • Businesses got reinvented.
  • Some companies even had huge increases in sales during Covid-19.
  • Families got united.

Covid-19 made fonts friendlier

As companies started to reinvent and find ways to have stable incomes, they analyzed all the aspects of their businesses.

Some decreased their prices, became more flexible, added more products and services, offered discounts, and changed their strategy.

Other companies understood that fonts also play a major role in website design, documents, invoices, logos, and everywhere else.

They got rid of too serious fonts, and they picked in return friendlier fonts.

Companies picked fonts that transmit joy, that are easy to read, and which match perfectly the message idea.

Another great example of friendlier fonts is that the Chinese Government is offering incentives to website owners that are adapting their fonts to older, senior people. A very large part of China is getting old and they are having hard times surfing the web and making online purchases.

A big part of their troubles is the fact that most websites are using small fonts, which are not friendly.

Which fonts are the most friendlier?

If you want to use friendly fonts but you don’t know them, here are 10 good examples:


Times New Roman



Open Sans






You cannot go wrong with any of these fonts but keep in mind that you need to adapt the font sizes and weights to your website or documents.


We should learn something from any mistake, pandemic, accident, and bad thing that happens to us.

This is how human kind got so far. This way of ours will help us conquer new planets in the next tens of years (hopefully we will live long enough to buy a house on Mars).

From Covid-19 we learned how important is to wash our hands, to help each other, how much the planet suffers because of our actions (pollution, greenhouse gases, cut trees, etc.), and that businesses need to adapt to survive.

There are great examples of businesses were reinvented.

Large office buildings that were empty were converted in hotels, huge ships were converted into office buildings, and restaurants were forced to find solutions to make their outdoor very comfortable (indoor eating was banned).

Getting back to fonts, using friendlier fonts is simple and all of us can benefit from that.

Analyze your website and decide if you need to use friendlier fonts.

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