Why so serious? The best “Joker” fonts


The most controversial movie of 2019 is out in theaters today and it’s the first to launch with extra security measures in the US. ‘Joker’ brings a character performance by award winning actor Joaquin Phoenix and a lot of debate about the morals of humanizing a killer. Until you see it, we’ve compiled a list with the best Joker fonts available. 

Superhero movies are at their peak, with the Marvel Universe bringing one blockbuster after another in recent years. But the comics inspired genre is taking a serious turn nowadays, with movie makers focusing on the bad guys for the first time. ‘Joker’ was released today in theaters across the United States. Just a few days ago, the first trailer for ‘Birds of Prey’ brought us a glimpse of an emancipated Harley Quinn, free of the Joker and set on her own new mission to save the world one woman at a time. 

Unlike Harley Quinn, the ‘Joker’ movie has nothing to do with redemption and is a far stretch from a feel good story about criminals becoming crime fighters. The ‘Joker’ is an origin story that tries to explain the birth of a villain. Joaquin Phoenix’s title character is portrayed as a dark, sick and twisted failing comedian from Gotham that can only find release by becoming a killer. In its review of the movie, ‘The New York Times’ calls Joaquin Phoenix’s performance ‘piercingly intense’ and describes the film as ‘both dental drill and Novocaine’. 

Produced by Warner Brothers, the ‘Joker’ hits 4,300 theaters screens today across North America. The controversy might result in both a flop or a hit, but we’ll just have to wait for the numbers to see. What we do know for a fact is that the movie has already become the most hated, loved, obsessed over and talked about of the year

Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as the Joker is receiving great reviews. Photos: Warner Bros. Studio

Until we get a chance to see it, we’ve put together a list of Joker fonts. After all, ‘Why so serious?’ is one of the most shared (an, to be honest,  tattooed) movie quotes, so maybe if you are looking for a special, Joker inspired font, look no further. 

Joker Straight Letter Light starts off our top because well, it’s sharp, cutting and aggressive, just like the Joker. 

Joker Font is thick and short, with heavy lettering and angles that scratch. 

The Joker Outline Font lifts off some of that burden with hollowed-out letters. 

Jokerwild AOE Font is unstable and uneven. Reminds you of any villain?

The Blue Joker Font is tall, heavy and twisted, just like the Joker’s past.

The Joker Size Font is a bit more like something you could see graffitied on a wall. The outlined lettering is bulky and cloddish. 

The Jokerface Regular Font is a bit more in your face. Literally. The letters are designed from stitches, just like the Joker’s iconic grin. 

Joker Otf is a bit more versatile and could even be used for non-Joker related themes. Still, it’s a great option for the Gotham city underworld. 

The Joker Smiling Font is, as the name already tells you, a bit more light. Cursive, fast lettering, carved with both strength and instability. 

The Jestering Font finishes off our top 10 pick for Joker Fonts because it has an almost 3D resonance because of the bold letters combined with round, uneven shapes. 

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