How To Use Cool Fonts For Your Fortnite Name In 2021


This is a complete guide that will show you how to use cool fonts for your Fortnite name in 2021. Stand out of the crowd with a special name & font.

Ever seen people using special characters and symbols in their Fortnite username? Want to create your own unique username with a bunch of fancy characters? That’s exactly what you will achieve by following the 5 easy steps from this guide.

The tool you will use to change your name font

You will type some stuff in the first box and the tool that will present you, will generate many different text fonts that you can use in your Fortnite username. It is super simple to use, I will show you right away.

Note that nobody tested all the different fancy symbols, so some of them may not work – but most should. Do your tests before submitting your new username to Fortnite, for 2 weeks you can’t change it again.

How the tool works?

Ever wondered how this works? If Fortnite doesn’t give you the option to change the “font” of your username, then how is it possible to copy and paste these special symbols and use them in your name? Well, it’s because there are actually many more symbols than just the ones you see on your keyboard.

There are symbols from a tonne of different languages, and from a tonne of different “industries”. Most people just use characters that they’ve got on their keyboard to make their usernames/nicknames for games like Fortnite, but you can often use all the other characters too!

So why don’t I just list out all the possible symbols/letters/characters on this web page so you can pick and choose the ones you like?

Because there are over 100,000 of them! And you computer would probably crash if it tried to load them all at once. So the page I will show you lets you convert normal characters into carious symbol “fonts” that you can use to create a unique Fortnite (or Epic games) username.

This awesome tool can be used not just for Fortnite – it can be used for lots of different purposes – even just commenting on YouTube videos or whatever. Some games have display names that are separate to your actual username, and although the username may only allow normal keyboard letters, the display name often allows more special/strange characters.

5 Steps to Change Your Fortnite Name Font

Step 1

Sign in to your Fortnite account by visiting the game link.

Click here to visit the Login page

Step 2

After you log in to your Fortnite account, you will find “Account” on the upper right part of your screen. Click on it to go to your account detail section.

There, you will find in the upper left part an option titled “General”.

Step 3

Now you should open a new tab in your browse, and visit LingoJam.

Write on the left screen the name you want and in the right part you will get it in several fonts.

Copy the name with the font you like.

Step 4

Go back to “Display name” and paste the name from LingoJam, from the previous step.

Step 5

Carefully check that you have the name spelled correctly (as you want) and that you like the font you just picked. For a period of two weeks you can’t change your username again.

Check on the box “I understand I cannot change my display name again for 2 weeks after this change” and click on the blue colored “Confirm” button.


I hope you enjoyed this guide of How To Use Cool Fonts For Your Fortnite Name In 2021. It is super simple to have a super font for your Fortnite name and stand out of the crowd.

Please share this guide with your friends and help them stand out of the crowd too.

If you like a font and you want to identify it for free, use WhatFontIs website. Upload the picture, follow the steps, and the smart AI software will identify the font for you.