10 Awesome Gift Ideas For Font People

10 Awesome Gift Ideas For Font People

This article is a must-read if you are looking for 10 awesome gift ideas for font people.

All these gift ideas were handpicked by us, are creative, cool, and it will make your dear friends super happy for receiving them.

1. A both serif and sans-serif font – $75 per style

This is by far the best gift you can offer to a font people.

Normally, a font is sans-serif or serif, it cannot be both.

Until now, when a new font called GT Ultra appeared.

The font looks stunning, being half serif, half sans serif.

It looks like this:

A new font called GT Ultra is different. It’s half serif, half sans serif. It’s what the AIGA calls “A Real Fence-Sitter of a Typeface.” And you know what? It is, and it’s great.

Designer Noël Leu says:

“The project grew out of a desire to explore the possibilities of finding an aesthetic that can’t be easily categorized,”

“We are all creatures of habit and tend to be more comfortable with things we can clearly identify.”

A single style is just $75, a super low price for what you get.

Buy GT Ultra from here.

2. Helvetica Typography Necklace – Handmade £18.27

On Etsy, you will find this awesome necklace.

The price is affordable while the gift is creative and nice.

3. Messages using letters that you find in your home – Free

Be creative and use letters that you find in your home – in boardgames, newspapers, etc.

This gift works great for font people that live in your house.

4. Typography lights – Under $20

To create typography messages out of lights, you need long cable lights and a good wire (not weak, not strong).

Create the letters out of wire and then tie the lights to the wire.

Put the typography lights on your friend desk.

Or you can create the whole thing directly on a picture frame, putting the batteries behind it.

Your friend can put the picture frame wherever he or she likes.

With just a little practice, you can achieve awesome results.

5. Font painting – $5

Using letters from your home, and a painting frame that you will buy, you can easily create a super gift for a font person.

Use sticky tack to fix the letters on the wall. This product will not harm the wall while it will be strong enough to fix the letters.

6. Typography portrait – it depends, I explain below

A super cool gift, but probably highly expensive, is to offer to your font guy or girl, a typography portrait with his or her face.

There are probably apps that can handle it but the results won’t be that great in my opinion.

You should hire a professional painter and let him do its magic.

The price will depend very much on who you hire, if he is a friend of yours or no, and so on.

If you can afford it and you want to spend a high amount of money, this gift idea is brilliant.

7. WhatFontIs – Font Identifier – 1 Year PRO Membership – $39,99 / year

Why not offer a 1-year PRO membership for WhatFontIs?

This is the most appreciated font identifier in the industry.

The gift is affordable and your friend will highly appreciate it. He or she will use WhatFontIs to identify all the fonts from pictures.

8. Typography course – around $15

This typography course is highly popular on udemy and the price is highly affordable.

The great thing about this course is that can be made online.

9. T-shirt – $15-20

A t-shirt with a nice message is a gift that everybody loves.

10. Typography socks – 70 € (VAT included)

I found them on FARFETCH which is top store that sells exclusive brands.


All these 10 awesome gift ideas for font people will do the magic.

It all depends on your taste and budget.

No matter which one you pick, or maybe you decide that you need something else, be creative.