Best script fonts: where to download them for free

best script fonts

Script fonts are often the most sought after. They can be used in pretty much any form, whether it’s for a printed poster or a neon sign. Today, we’re going over a few of the best options, showing you where you can from where you can download them for free!

A beautiful, handwritten font is not hard to come by nowadays. It seems that every brand has a few for their advertising materials. But do you know where you can find a beautiful script font that you can use for free? We’ve asked designers about their top picks and, while they do advise always checking the font’s source in order to avoid getting ripped off, they all agree that, for projects that are more DIY you can definitely find free options out there. 

Let’s check them out together! The list we’ve put together contains both fancy, elegant looking script fonts, that can be used in anything from wedding invitations to photo albums, to more minimalist, almost industrial looking script fonts that would look awesome on the menus of a new raw vegan restaurant or posh brasserie. But the one thing they all have in common is they are widely available for free. 

Warm Showers is a free script font that has inconsistent lines, just like an ink pen would leave on paper. The shape of the letters is wide and pointy, which helps it look as real as possible. It’s like what your handwriting would look like as opposed to what you were taught. 

Amandella, on the other side, has a more polished look. It combines thick and thin lines in a perfect balanced, giving off a brush impression. But what helps this free script font achieve that perfectly imperfect look is the difference between the end points to each letter. Yeah, we had that exact same problem when we were first learning calligraphy. 

But, as a combination of all these little elements that give that relaxed, imperfect-but-oh-so-perfect look we recommend Sugar and Spice. The mix of condensed letters with round, beautiful shapes really makes it look like the Mother’s Day card you used to work on in elementary school. The possibilities with these free script font are endless. Use it on Christmas cards, birthday parties invitations, scrapbooks or wedding albums.  

Vegan Style has a name designed to fool you. The influences for this free script font are more old school Americana than modern day minimalism. It is a thick, intricate font that would just scream off a banner or a poster. 

High Tide is so relaxed and minimalist we can pretty much see it everywhere. This free script font would look amazing in a store front or on a website’s header. 

Blessed Day keeps the positive vibes, but with a more intricate overall look. This free script font is not too rigid, but still manages to pull off larger than life capital letters, like the ones that your childhood storybooks used for the first paragraph. 

And speaking of larger than life, check out the Bettina Script font. Beautiful, airy letters make this free script font a go-to for whenever you are searching for a romantic, yet not too elegant cursive font. 

Serendipity has an innocence and naivety that we, for one, simply can’t resist. This free script font reminds us of the good old finger painting days, when teachers unsuccessfully tried to teach us how to write beautiful little round ‘r’s. True story: we still can’t get them just right. But Serendipity does. 

But, sometimes, you just need something more bold. And, in the wonderful world of fonts, that doesn’t just mean thick. Contraband has hard lines, but its condensed lettering and no-nonsense minimalist cursive just pops. This free script font works wonders on anything vintage. 

But when it comes to bold or classic Americana, it doesn’t get more real that Hoodson Script. A free script font that combines elegant, cursive letters with graffiti details. The contrast between sizes and angles ensures that it will catch anyone’s eye. 

La Sonnambula font is the exact opposite side of the spectrum. It is a delicate, almost fragile script font. It has lines so fine that they almost seem that you were running out of ink while writing them. 

Strictly for digital material, Hello Santtiny Brush Script can do wonders. It is a free script font that goes great on a travel blog, for example. 

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