5 Font Predictions For 2023

5 Font Predictions For 2023

As 2022 is running to its end, I find it useful and interesting to write below my 5 font predictions for 2023.

5 Font Predictions For 2023

And I also promised this in a different article that you will find below (the link).

You will find useful and cool information, some might surprise you or not, if you read my other article about font predictions for 2022, and if you carefully analyze the font industry.

So here it goes.

1. AI model suggests personalized fonts to improve digital reading

Smart researchers worked with famous Adobe team and they came to a not surprising conclusion – personalized fonts based on readers performance will improve accesibility of digital information.

“The future of readability is a device watching humans read and using their performance to tailor the format so that they read at their best,” says Ben Sawyer ’14MS ’15PhD, the director of the Readability Consortium and UCF’s Virtual Readability Lab. “We look forward to the day when you can pick up a device, read and receive information in a way that uniquely suits your needs.”

For sure this represents the future and we might start using such technologies in 2023.

The study shows that FontMART model can recommend fonts that improve reading speed.

A great example is that when heavier weights are used, the reading experience of older adults heavily increase.

So, when an old person reads a web page, he will get heavier weight, while a person that is much younger might get a lighter weight.

2. More and more fonts will be customizable

Google launched Roboto Flex, a major upgrade to one of the most popular and appreciated font in the industry.

Roboto Flex can easily be fully customized, having a huge range of weights and widths across optical sizes, being super scalable, adaptable, and customizable.

With just one font, we have all the designs we need for all our needs – headers, subheaders, titles, paragraphs, etc.

I think this will happen more and more in future; we will get more and more customizable fonts.

3.  We will have the option to choose different fonts, text sizes, and colors on all devices we use

We like different fonts, we prefer different colors and text sizes, and that is why it would be great to have the option to choose between fonts.

This already happens but in 2023 I bet that more and more companies and people will include the change font option on different devices – 360 cameras, cars as they become more and more intelligent, motorcycles, airplane tablets, smart refrigerators, etc.

And of course, smart landing pages and websites should work hard to prepare this aspect for 2023.

This is a cost now but it will pay back enormously if done right.

Imagine how many customers you lose because your online shop doesn’t have the right font, the right text size, the right color, and more, for each customer of yours.

Elder people read harder and they need thicker fonts for example, and also a larger text size will help.

4. Font identification software will be used by everybody

2022 have seen an improvement in font identification usage, more and more people getting used to use WhatFontIs to identify fonts from images, in seconds, for free.

This will continue in 2023 and the following years.

Font identification is the right solution to identify all the fonts you like, in about 30 seconds.

This is how both newbies and professional designers, marketers, website owners, and other people identify fonts.

5. More and more companies will create and use their very own font

Branding is more important in 2022, and 2023, than it always been.

Competition is at its maximum levels, and branding have to be done extremely well to differentiate products, companies, and services.

Creating your own font is much easier to do than it sounds and the results are stunning.


These are my 5 font predictions for 2023; time will tell if I was right or not.