WordPress.com Will Create You A Custom Website


Yes, you read it right, WordPress.com will create you a custom website. They are launching a professional website creation service and people from all over the world are super happy about it. I am also happy for this service, it was needed.

WordPress.com Will Create You A Custom Website
WordPress.com Will Create You A Custom Website

The whole world has now a super powerful competitor in the website creation niche.

The custom website that WordPress.com will make you is not free, of course, the price starts at $4,900. If you think about, it is not so much.

If you worked with companies and freelancers to get yourself some great websites, you probably know the prices.

And $4,900 is not a high price at all, especially taking into consideration that WordPress.com will create it for you. The company Automattic created WordPress and tens of other projects – tumblr, WooCommerce, Gravatar, Akismet, Jetpack, and many others.

Working with professionals is very different than working with all kind of freelancers and companies.

Don’t get me wrong, there are very nice freelancers out there and serious companies, but you need to know how to find them. If not, your project will be handled by people that just want your money.

It happened to me, here is a short story.

The story of working with a freelancer for my new website

I needed a professional website for my agency and knowing all the advantages of Webflow, I decided that the website will be on this platform.

So, I started to search a good company or freelancer for this project. First, I asked a couple of friends that have huge businesses in the online, if they can recommend me a serious and professional person or company.

They said no, they worked with lots of companies and people, and they were never happy with the results.

So, I decided to give it a try on Upwork.

Long story short, I hired a person from Upwork, a guy with tens of 5 starts review. Everybody was saying that this person is awesome, that he is very serious, that he overdelivers, that his website creation is magic, and so on.

I told myself that everything will be perfect with him.

But it wasn’t perfect

After he took my project and started working, he told me that I need to increase the budget 20% to work with him. I said ok, the guy is awesome.

In just a few words, the whole collaboration was a nightmare. He needed 3 months to finish my simple agency website, even if I always quickly provided him all the materials, content, and answers for his questions.

He asked me tens of questions and he put me complete several pages of business projections and in the end, he used nothing.

The guy wanted just to be a professional and tax me for all kind of things.

He managed to create me a super basic website that is not bad looking but for $4,000, I would have expected much more.

If the WordPress.com custom website service would have been available 1 year ago, I would gladly have paid them $4,900. I am absolutely sure that the result would have been 10 times better.

Let’s find out more about this service.

Everything we know about WordPress.com custom website service

Here is what we know about this service.

  • The service will create you a professional and custom website.
  • Prices start at $4,900.
  • There are 3 different plans:

Online Stores

Education Sites

Professional Services

  • You will work with a dedicated manager throughout the duration of a project. He will make sure that your vision comes to life in the form you want.
  • The service is just starting so the space is currently limited. Submit your application asap.

The implications of Built by WordPress.com custom website service

There are some strong implications of this new service.

WordPress.com will take a big bite of freelancers and companies market share. Many customers will probably prefer to work with WordPress.com, so other companies and people will lose good business.

I bet that many people are not so happy with this move.


It is awesome to work directly with the team behind WordPress for a fully customized website.

My next website will be created with the Built by WordPress.com service and I will share with you my thoughts. It will be a full article about how the projects worked with them.

Stay tuned. 

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