How To Design A Proper Product Label


Most times, the product label is much more important the product itself. How to design a proper product label is a science that you should learn, it will help you big time sale your products but also in other industries.

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Think for a few minutes, how do you choose new products from stores? I am referring to that products that you know nothing about them.

You will tell me that you search for reviews on the internet and that is a good thing to do. But I bet you buy tons of new products without a prior search for opinions.

When you buy these products, you probably look at the following aspects.

There are 3 main considerations when you buy products that you know nothing about them.

  • The product label – How well it looks, if it contains all the info you need, if it is attractive and interesting, if it has a premium appearance.
  • The packaging – This is again a super important of the product. If the packaging looks great, it will grab your attention and probably make you buy.

What if the packaging is so cool that you want to give it to your son to play with it? You will buy a product just for that.

This is the power of packaging.

  • The price – If it is expensive, it means that it is a great product, right? Not necessary but this is how our mind thinks, especially when we consider buying products for our families. We want to get the best out of the best for our beloved wives and kids.

For sure you take into consideration many other things like if a product was recommended to you by a friend or family member, if you find the product in the “premium area” of the store, and so on.

People study enormously what we do in stores, what behavior we have, what we like, and much more.


Because this is how they find ways to influence us and buy more products, and usually buy more expensive products.

How to design a proper product label

Now that we discussed how important is the product label, let’s see how to design a proper product label.

If you create a super product label, you will sell. This is 100% true.

At least you sell the first product, if the product will not be well received, the following sales will stop.

But this rarely happens.

The first sale is extremely important because you want people to test your product.

To design a proper product label is similar with designing a proper book cover.

Do a great design and you will sell your book with ease. Fail this step, and your book will stay on store shelves.

Let’s see 8 tips that will help you design a proper product label

I will cover below the most important 8 tips to design a proper product label, no matter what product you have.

  1. Define your target customer

Do your research and understand who is your target customer.

Find out their age, gender, values, education, hobbies, and so on. These information are vital for your product label design.

Your product label should contain the following parts:

  • The company logo.
  • Product name.
  • Product picture – high resolution.
  • Product details.
  • Nutrition facts.
  • Ingredients.
  • Price.
  • Bar code.
  • Best before date.
  • Expiration date.
  • Certification if applicable.
  • Serving suggestions or recipes if applicable.
  • Contact information.

As you see there are quite a few information, you will need to include all of them on your product label design.

Product label colors

Colors are essential for grabbing your customer attention but use them wisely.

Be consistent with the picked colors.

Select the right font

Don’t use generic fonts and don’t combine more than 2 different fonts.

Pay huge attention to the font sizes. Use different sizes for headers, sub headers, and paragraphs.

Don’t use too small font sizes for important information.

Unusual product label shape

If possible, create an unusual product label shape.

Everybody loves them and customers are heavily attracted by them.

Keep in mind that you still need to include all the information on an unusual label shape.

Find a unique feature and write it large

If you can manage to find a unique feature of your product, write it large and let customers see it.

This will help you easily sell your product.

Don’t overthink, many times products have all the same “unique feature” but companies forget to mention it or they think it is not important.

You should mention it and make your product unique in the customer eyes.

Match the packaging

Stay consistent with the materials you pick.

Match your product label material with your packaging.

Product label premium material

Use the best possible material, you want your product label to look fantastic, to have a premium touch, and be way better than your competitors.


It is difficult to create a proper product label and you should never hurry the process.

Once created, the product label should stay as it is for years.

Find what it works before printing hundreds of thousands of product labels.

The secret is to take your time when creating a product label and do lots of tests.

I wish you good luck!

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