How To Create A High-Converting Landing Page

How To Create A High-Converting Landing Page

Here is how to create a high-converting landing page. You don’t need to have any prior experience, design skills, or sales know-how to create a landing page that is engaging and converting.

How To Create A High-Converting Landing Page

I will tell you everything you need to know to create by your own a high-converting landing page.

Why should you create a landing page?

One huge misunderstanding of people that want to sell something online is that they need just a website and some products or services to sell.

While this is not 100% wrong, the correct information is that they need a website, which acts as a business card, and dedicated landing pages for all the products and/or services they will sell online. In plus they need an invoicing software, CRM, payment processors, and much more, but this is another story.

As I already mentioned, a website is a business card. On the website, website visitors will find out your business name, where it is located, what products and services you sell, how to contact you, and other things. This doesn’t apply only if your website is an online shop.

If you own an online shop, you have landing pages for all your products, right? It is the only way in which you can offer your potential buyers all the information they need about each product.

So, a landing page is 100% needed to sell products and services online.

Each landing page will be optimized for its audience, and will receive dedicated traffic, organic or paid. In plus, you can have several landing pages for the same products and to compare how well they perform.

These are a part of the advantages that landing pages have. They are many others.

I hope this information clarifies why you need a landing page and why you should not use your general website to achieve all your business targets.

What tools you will need to create high-converting landing pages?

The tools you will need highly depend on your skills and knowledge. If you are a web designer or developer, you know how to design a landing page from scratch.

If you are an ordinary guy, like you and me, you will use builders. These builders are awesome pieces of software that will help you do the landing pages you want, without writing lines of codes and without having any knowledge.

These builders can be:

– Website builders

– Landing page builders

– WordPress drag-and-drop builders

There are lots of “builders” on the market and you should carefully compare them before paying a subscription for one. The differences between them are important.

Keep in mind that some of these solutions are totally free to use, like Mailchimp, and even if it is quite basic, it does a fantastic job.

How to create a high-converting landing page?

Now that you know the tools that you will need to create a landing page, here is how to do properly do it.

Follow these guidelines and your landing page will convert great:

– Before starting to design your landing page, check on the internet how the best landing pages look like. Try to understand their structure and elements.

– If you have a landing page design in your head, put it on a piece of paper or on your computer in a painting software. Decide exactly what you want and only after that use the landing page to build your design.

– A great landing page have these elements:

A main headline and a supporting headline

A unique selling proposition

The benefits of your offering

Images or video showing context of use

Social proof

A reinforcement statement

A closing argument

A call to action

Don’t miss any of these elements.

– Overall landing page design

Be super carefully on the colors you use and the fonts. Pick 1-2 fonts that work well together, one for heading and subheadings, and for paragraphs. The fonts should be simple to read.

Use bold heading and subheadings but don’t exaggerate. Try different designs before deciding which one is the best.

– Don’t copy a landing page and be original.

– Make your own photos, real photos of your products. It will have a huge impact on your credibility and the look and feel of your landing page.

– Everything should be 100% accurate and real.

– If English is not your native language, pay somebody to check all your texts.

– Crafting an engaging and high-converting landing page is an art, don’t rush the process. Take your time to slowly build a powerful landing page, you do it once and you get results for years.

All of the above guidelines are very simple to follow but still most people are not.

That is why they don’t have a landing page that generates the results they dream for.


Now that you know how to create a high-converting landing page, the first step is to do your own research and pick the right landing page builder.

Start now.