5 Premium Halloween Fonts For 2021

5 Premium Halloween Fonts For 2021

Here are 5 premium Halloween fonts for 2021 that you can use in your projects: landing pages for special parties for Halloween, for cool and scary posters, brochures, and flyers, for a Halloween online shop, and everything else.

5 Premium Halloween Fonts For 2021

I included both free and paid fonts (all of them are super affordable, costing between $1 and $29), and you need to know that all these 5 Halloween fonts were handpicked from hundreds of cool designs.

The order that I used has nothing to do with the coolness level of these fonts. It is fully random; all the fonts are cool and great for many projects.

Before I show you the fonts, I want to tell you a cool and brief history of Halloween.

The history of Halloween

First you need to know thatHalloween is each year on October 31 and in 2021 is on Sunday.

Halloween is the celebration in remembrance of the dead.

The name Halloween means All Saints’ Evening before the All Saints’ Day.

Saints were always known as hallows, which comes from the Old English word hālig which comes from the German word heilig which means holy.

It is interesting that Halloween is not an official holiday but it is celebrated all over the world, but more in North America and Europe. In the last years, Asian countries also started to celebrate Halloween.

Another cool fact is that Halloween, in the United States, it is estimated to be the festival with the second-highest amount of consumer spending after Christmas.

People get Halloween costumes and all kind of scary objects, they buy pumpkins and they design it in scary faces, and very cool parties are being organized.

Now let’s see some very cool fonts for Halloween in 2021.

5 Premium Halloween fonts for 2021

All these premium Halloween fonts look gorgeous and as you will soon see, these designs will help you with your projects for this fabulous festival.

This first Halloween font is one of my top 5 in my personal collection and I want you big time you to have it.

Calaveras Inline Font – Starts from $29

Good for – Titles, landing pages, posters, brochures, T-shirts

Download link


Halloween Before Christmas Font – $2 (now, as we speak, there is a huge 80% discount)

Good for: Scary t-shirts and posters

Download link


Halloween Costume Font – $1

Good for – Clean Halloween online shops, landing pages, and websites

Download link


Halloween Movie Font – $1

Good for: Movies, cartoons both in print and video

Download link


A Charming Font – Free

Good for: This is both a luxury and scary font for Halloween.

Download link


Why didn’t I make a huge showcase of Halloween fonts?

There are 3 strong reasons:

1. Because the internet is full of such articles.

2. People are tired to see the very same fonts over and over.

3. And in plus, I personally put huge accent on quality and not on quantity. When looking for tens or hundreds of fonts, it is impossible to keep the high-quality levels of articles. These articles will always include fonts that are not so great, and some people might use them as somebody recommended them.

Going back to these 5 premium Halloween fonts for 2021, I bet that you will love all these fonts.

If this will be the case, please share the article with your friends, and help me spread the word.

For all of you that have recommendations of cool fonts for Halloween, please share them with me and I will be happy to add them here.

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