Nigerian’s handwriting looks like a computer font


The world was positively shocked by Nigerian’s handwriting because it looks like a computer font. His writing style is extremely beautiful (I would love to have these writing skills).

And what is even more interesting, is that he is writing so beautifully without putting in any effort. He doesn’t try to make his writing look like a computer font, he just writes like this.

His name is Johnson Chima Okpala and his hand writing looks amazing.

Take a look.

Nigerian's handwriting looks like a computer font
Nigerian’s handwriting looks like a computer font

His handwriting is perfect and can easily be compared with the perfectness of computer fonts.

He earned the admiration of social media users and from people from all over the world.

Johnson challenged anyone who is interesting in writing.

He wrote: “If your handwriting can beat mine, come closer. challenge.”  

The whole world would love to see a handwriting contest in which Johnson will participate and “fight” for having the best writing skills.

Nigerians reacted to his handwriting

Nigerians and people from all over the world commented and praised Johnson for his handwriting skills.

Hellen Chinweokwu Aduba said: “Y’all have beautiful penmanship…not me….so long as I can read my jaga jaga I’m good to go.”

Goodness Young wrote: “I have to read closely before I understand, hope you didn’t use dis handwriting for Waec? Lol make it little bigger it will be awesome.”

Onwenwa Nkemakonam Emmanuel commented: “Na this kind handwriting I use for school that year wey make Lecturer carry me go e office to come explain wetin I write. Was asking if I was signing my signature all througj. “He’ll ask, I’ll explain, he’ll mark. “After everything, I said Sir I am very sorry for the stress.”

Opiah Geraldine remarked: “My 8 year son’s writing is even finer than urs…d boy’s writing wins serious awards…at earlier stage his teacher use to think i write his assignments for him. Maybe his artistic work helps too.”

What should we learn from this?

After seeing Johnson’s gorgeous handwriting, we should all learn the following things:

A simple thing that we can all do (we all know how to write and we all have a piece of paper and a pen), can help us become popular in the world.

Johnson didn’t try to become popular but his handwriting skyrocketed him.

Sometimes simple things can do much more than advertising and huge budgets.

Such gorgeous handwriting can be used to thank customers and partners of your company.

Just imagine how cool it would be to send your customers a real letter with real handwriting, thanking them for being your customers.

Going back to the basics

In the last years, we overcomplicate things and we forget how important are the small things. We should get back to the basics.

It doesn’t matter where you are from if you have an internet connection

The internet is power, use it wisely and you can benefit immensely.

In Johnson’s case, now that people know him and appreciate him, he can start a blog and from day 1 he will have thousands or tens of thousands of visitors.

This is just an example; the options are infinite.

Handwriting is now more beautiful than ever

Handwriting is not dead; it is alive and you should use it as often as possible.

In the era of computers when we all use all kind of devices to write documents, handwriting is much more appreciated.

Use it.


Nigerian’s handwriting looks like a computer font even if he didn’t want that.

He writes normally, without putting effort into his handwriting technique.

But it looks perfect.

Congratulations Johnson Chima Okpala for having such beautiful handwriting!