Fonts Used By Car Manufacturers


Today you will find out what fonts are used by car manufacturers and in plus you will find 1 super interesting thing about each brand.

Car are awesome, for some are a transportation method, but for many of us, cars represent a super passion and hobby, in which we invest tons of money and time.

Cars are much more than an image in the society of the owner and a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B. In many ways, cars are the foundation of the society. They help us travel fast every moment, while providing us safety and comfort.

Below you will find out what fonts are 8 car producers using for their logos, products, and materials, and where to get them from. Don’t forget that we included 1 super interesting fact about each car brand.

1. Ferrari

Ferrari is the most powerful supercar brand in the world, the whole planet is knowing and loving these cars.

font called Ferro Rosso by Michael Hagemann is very similar to the slab serif for the stylized “Ferrari”.  Download it here.

Super interesting fact – The classic red color wasn’t Ferrari’s choice.

Red was the color that the International Automobile Federation (FIA) assigned to all Italian Grand Prix racecars in the early years of auto racing. And most people still overwhelmingly choose red as the color for their Ferrari; the color represents 45 percent of Ferraris sold.

2. Lamborghini

“La Macchina” is the font used in the Lamborghini logo. You can download it here.

Super interesting fact – Lamborghini was Made as a result of a Challenge from Enzo Ferrari.

3. Toyota

Toyota is special, they have a dedicated page on their website for typography. They always pay attention to details, it’s impossible not to appreciate them.

The Toyota logo was designed using a font very similar to Avenir 95 Black, which is a commercial font and you can download it here.

Super interesting fact – Toyota is technically still a mom-and-pop style family company. Although they have grown to become a worldwide brand, the current Toyota CEO, Akio Toyoda, is a direct descendant of the company’s founder, Sakichi Toyoda. In fact, every single CEO to date has been a descendant of the original Toyoda.

4. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is the largest car manufacturer in the world, being a bit in front of Toyota group.

Volkswagen’s corporate font — used for almost everything but the chrome badging on the cars — has been Futura (well, now technically a Futura variant called VW Utopia), starting from Volkswagen’s legendary Doyle Dane Bernbach ad campaign from the 1960s. 

Now there use a font simply named “Volkswagen Text”.

Super interesting fact – By ’73, even the speedo was in Futura font.

5. Ford

The font used for the word “Ford” is very similar to FordScript, which can be downloaded here.

Super interesting fact – So Lamborghini started to build supercars because of a challenge from Enzo Ferrari, right?

Henry Ford tried to buy Ferrari company but he got rejected and his ego was touched. What happened next? He invested tons of money in building a car that will defeat Ferrari in Le Mans. He did it, with the help of a wonderful team.

If you didn’t saw the movie Ford vs Ferrari, you should go see it in a cinema, it’s super movie that you should see even if you don’t are a car person.

6. General Motors

The GM logo features a slightly modified form of the classic Helvetica typeface.

Super interesting fact –  GM was responsible for creating the Lunar Roving Vehicle, aka the Moon Buggy, which was successfully used during the Apollo 15 mission.

7. Hyundai

The font used in the Hyundai logo is very similar to a font called Hyundai Normal, which is designed by Samuel Park. The font is free to use. You can download the font for free.

Super interesting fact –  Hyundai and Zombies

Hyundai mission is to offer a vehicle for almost every situation. In cooperation with the creators of “The Walking Dead”, several Zombie Machines that fight Zombies were created. Good job, Hyundai.

8. Porsche

The closest font we can find for Porsche logo is Paragraph Stretch Heavy, which is a display sans serif font designed by Jan Schmoeger and published by Paragraph.

Super interesting fact –  Ferdinand Porsche, the eponymous founder of the company, made the world’s first hybrid electric vehicle…in 1899.


FYI – The order of the car manufacturers that we have in this article has nothing to do with any order types from the real world.

Car manufactures have super histories that I highly recommend you to read about, including very cool information about the fonts they are or were using. The fonts they used had for most of them a very positive impact.

To find out more about fonts used by car manufactures, you should check What Font Is, it is a powerful font identifier software that is having a database of over 550k fonts (free and paid), and it’s super simple to use.

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