Awesome Ideas For Unconventional Marketing In 2021


Online companies, blogs, freelancers, and many others struggle to generate traffic, leads, sales, and subscribers. If you are one of them, you will find below awesome ideas for unconventional marketing in 2021. Even if you know everything about digital marketing, I bet you will find something useful and interesting in this article.

Awesome Ideas For Unconventional Marketing In 2021

There are several reasons why almost everybody struggles with his online project (business, blog, community, forum):

  • The competition is huge.
  • Advertising works but it is expensive and you need to be consistent. You cannot advertise 1 week or 1 month and think of super results.

To be consistent in advertising translates into hard money.

  • Many people don’t know the methods and strategies that they should use to generate traffic, leads, and subscribers.
  • They don’t invest in SEO. This is not an old term, SEO is as powerful as it always was.
  • It takes time and people want results right away.

In this article, I will present you awesome ideas for unconventional marketing in 2021. These solutions will not only work, will make your business do extremely well.

Why unconventional marketing? Because nobody easily buys ads as they were years ago. Ads are much less effective.

Now you need to go the extra mile.

Here are some awesome ideas for unconventional marketing in 2021

Be brave

Everybody likes brave people.

Do different videos and ads.

Here are 2 examples that you will love.

What can you do? Everything you want.

A friend of mine that has a flower shop, paid somebody to jump from an airplane with a bouquet of flowers. The ad is awesome and it was even simple and cheap to do it.

Go the extra mile

Write a book, offer monthly free eBooks, make a podcast, launch your own webinar, offer a course on Udemy or a live course, and so on.

Do whatever it takes to be better and different from your competition.

Typography is an essential part of marketing

Check what fonts is your competition using and try that fonts in your projects. There are big chances to find a better font than the one you have right now.

Fonts have a huge impact on the overall design of a website, brochure, poster, etc.

To identify fonts from your competitors’ websites, use the WhatFontIs Google Chrome Extension. Whenever you want to identify fonts from any website, click on the upper right icon of WhatFontIs, to activate the powerful software, and hover your mouse over the text you want to identify. You will find out right on the spot the name of the font. If you will click on the text, you will get over 60 free and paid font alternatives.

You can even use WhatFontIs to identify fonts from any picture. Imagine that you are in a shopping center and you have a super ad / font in your front. Take a picture of the font, upload it to WhatFontIs website, crope the picture if needed, write down the letters that the powerful AI software identified, and right after you will find out the name of the font.

You will also get 60+ free and paid font alternatives. Sometimes you will identify a font that is expensive but you will have the option to select a similar font that is free. This feature is very helpful.

Get connected with the online and offline newspapers, with the TV stations, and the radio

Have you ever considered to get connected the online and offline media?

You can offer an interview on the TV and on the radio. Most journalists are open for new collaborations as they are always looking for new subjects.

Be consistent and soon you will find out the power of media.

Pay for a legal graffiti

Find a wall in your city that looks very bad and ask for the legal permissions to improve the wall by paying a graffiti artist to make something nice. Promote the nice thing that you did for the community.

Give free stuff

Giving free stuff should not be considered unconventional marketing but there so few people using it, that makes me put it here.

There is something that the whole planet loves: the free stuff.

Offer free stuff but use this marketing strategy wise. You can offer free t-shirts with your logo, pencils with your logo, and so on.

Reach out to famous people from your niche

You will be amazed that famous people from your niche are normal persons, like you, and they want to help others (as most people do).

Get in contact with famous people from your niche and propose them some collaborations.

I know somebody that did this only once (after I insisted to him for a couple of months) and his life / business changed dramatically.  He managed to make a super successful collaboration with a famous guy. Even now he cannot believe that the guy said yes.


Is conventional marketing not working anymore? This is not true, conventional marketing works but it is not as efficient as unconventional marketing.

Companies with huge advertising budgets follow the classic path and invest tons of money, most of the money being lost (spent for nothing – no results).

Always think outside the box to promote your company, or work. As you just saw, the above awesome ideas for unconventional marketing in 2021 does not imply huge amounts of money, most are free. Replace money in advertising with work and the results will be the ones that you always wanted.

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