Fonts Used In Top 20 Famous WIX Websites

What fonts are used in the top 20 famous WIX websites? Are free or paid? Where can we get it from? We will find out together below and I will also show you the tool I use to quickly identify fonts from websites, for free.

How To Write A Super Resume In 2020

How to write a super resume in 2020? This was and it still is a difficult year with the effects of Covid-19. Probably 2021 will be a hard year too. Many of us have to look for a new job and for that a super resume can make wonders.

10 Wedding Fonts For A Super Invitation

Which are the wedding fonts that you can use for a super invitation? Are there available great free options, or you need to pay for premium fonts? How much does it cost? What if you just saw a font that you liked and you want to identify it? I will answer all these questions below.

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