What fonts are used in professional ads

What fonts are used in professional ads

Here is a good question, what fonts are used in professional ads? Expensive or free ones? Popular or niche fonts? Let’s find out together.

What fonts are used in professional ads

It is both interesting and useful to find out this information, as it will help you improve your ads, no matter at which level your skills are.

Before finding out what fonts are used in the best, professional ads, let’s see what are professional ads.

What are professional ads?

What do I mean by professional ads? Ads that are made by professionals (people with huge experience and knowledge in the ad industry)? Or ads that have huge success – are super shared, are inspiring, and high-converting? Professional ads are also ads that respect some strict guides.

All of these represent excellent answers to this question.

Anyhow, creating a professional ad or highly successful ad is not an easy job.

From a marketing point of view, if you are selling a great product or service (if not, marketing won’t help you too much), you will need:

– An idea – ideas are the ones that generate strong ads. Without a good idea, your chances to create a top ad are minimal.

Creativity is a highly desired skill.

– Top-notch copywriting – the best copywriters in the world are paid enormously well for their work and it is very hard to find great but affordable specialists.

The other way is to learn copywriting by yourself, but it will take serious time.

– High-quality and creative images and videos – if you want your ad to be professional, you will have to make your very own images and videos. Buying stock images and videos from the internet is not an option for creating a high-performing ad.

Never skip this step and go the easy way if you really want your ad to rock the world.

This is how the big brands approach the ad creation, and you should do it too.

– Fonts – fonts play a major role everywhere – in ads, books, magazines, websites, t-shirts, etc.

You can increase your ad conversions by just changing your font.

It is simple and professionals know it very well, making lots of tests when choosing fonts.

If you know or think that a certain font would improve your ad, test it in your design. If you don’t know how to identify the font that you like, you will find this information below, in this article.

Here is how to find what fonts are used in professional ads

Now that we know what professional ads are, let’s first see how to find them.

The easy way, which is not necessarily the best, is to search on search engines. In short, it is not the best way, in my opinion, because you will find a limited number of great ads to analyze.

The other way is to take pictures of all the great ads that you see:

– On the street

– At TV

– Web

– Emails

– Everywhere else

After this work, now you have lots of pictures of awesome ads on your computer or phone.

To identify the fonts from pictures, you will use WhatFontIs font identifier

The tool is 100% free to use, and it will help you identify all the fonts you like from pictures, in a matter of seconds.

Upload the first picture and follow the 3 easy steps to identify the font.

You will find out immediately:

– The name of the font

– Where to get it from

– If it is free or paid

– The price

– 60+ free and paid font alternatives

So you see how simple the process is.

After you will identify many fonts, you will notice which are the most used typefaces in advertising.

In sum, these are highly popular fonts used in professional ads:

To get back to the point, fonts play a major role in professional ads and you need to pay attention to this aspect. If you don’t know what font to pick, make lots of tests.


To resume, always find out how professionals are creating their ads, what fonts they use, how they create creative and engaging images and videos, what kind of copywriting they approach for their industry, and so on.

In short, you know the saying – to create a superb movie, you should first watch tens or hundreds of movies.

Finally, to create a professional ad that will bring you the results you target, you should first see and analyze tons of great ads.