Everything You Need To Know About Creating Your First eBook


Below you will find out everything you need to know about creating your first eBook.

Almost the whole planet runs away from writing books (in print or digital) and there are 0 reasons not to do it, and tons of advantages when writing.

Everything You Need To Know About Creating Your First eBook

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know to write your first eBook. First, let’s see why is great to write an eBook.

  1. Probably the best thing about writing the first eBook, is that the second book will be much easier to write. You will have the know-how and the courage.
  • eBooks can be offered for free to improve your email subscriber list, to get more and new customers, and to get traffic on your website, social media channels, or website.

It is used with huge success in marketing by “big names” from different industries.

Put yourself in the eBook reader shoes. You have a great, super-useful material in front of you, for free. What will you start to believe about that particular brand? That is great and that is an authority for that topic. But what will you believe about that brand after you see that each month, they deliver you wonderful information for free, in a monthly eBook? That is awesome, right?

Why is great to write a book?

  • It is a super thing for you as a person, for your soul, to write a book, it doesn’t matter that it is in print or digital. Many people have it on their bucket list.
  • You can sell the eBook and make money. It is much easier to sell an eBook than a printed book. Save money by not printing and delivering it, digital books are download instantly.
  • Become a super popular author of eBooks or printed books.
  • You will help the community with your eBook.
  • Build and develop your brand.

For sure there are many other reasons for writing an eBook, there are only advantages. The main reason why people don’t write books is because they think it is hard. They believe that you have to be a “writer” to properly do it, that takes huge amounts of time, that is easier to get on the Moon and back, then write a book. I hope that you don’t believe that. If you do believe that, read more and find out how easy it is to write an eBook.

Everything you need to know about creating your first eBook

Below are my personal tips for creating your first eBook, you find magical formulas or tricks. It is just common sense and dedicated work.

If you want your eBook to be in English, and you don’t know this language extremely well, write the eBook in your language, and then translate it. It’s not so expensive.

  • Write on a topic that you know about and which you like. It can be your hobby or your profession.
  • Do your research – read 1-3 great books on the subject that your eBook will be about. If you do it right, taking notes and understanding perfectly, you will know more on the subject than most of the people in the whole world. Don’t read passively, take notes and save all the information you find interesting and useful.
  • At this point, you should decide how long the eBook should be. A common mistake that most people do is that they write too few pages. What do you think about a printed book with 50 pages or 100 pages? That is not so useful and complete on that subject, right? It is the same for digital books.

Create a minimum 200-page eBook if you want to sell it or a minimum 50 page if it is a monthly free eBook. If you don’t have what to put in the 50-page eBook, it means that you should better use newsletters.

  • Decide when you will write – daily, weekly, monthly etc. and make a calendar that you respect 100%. Put a deadline for completing your eBook.

I recommend you to write daily, so you can have the book on your mind each moment. Write 1 hour minimum per day.

When you have more time, write more.

Do the writing first thing each day, the rest of the day you will feel awesome that this task is complete.

More tips – part 1

  • When it comes to eBook fonts, I recommend you use only ONE font in your book, and that it be a standard one: Arial, Times New Roman, or Courier. Fancy fonts (especially fancy serif fonts) might look great, but oftentimes they are converted into strange characters and symbols. Your eBook could look like a garbled mess.
  • Write, write, write – never stop writing and get rid of the bad thoughts (Am I writing well, will somebody find useful my eBook, and so on).
  • When you finish writing the eBook, read it out loud and send it to 5 friends of yours that are active book readers. Ask them to note what they think about your eBook.
  • Format the book and edit it.

There is a super simple way to format your entire book (with sections, chapters, page numbers, table of contents, etc) called Reedsy.

  • Create the rest of your eBook sections – about, intro, conclusions.
  • Use pictures, everybody loves them. Best is to work with graphic designers and illustrators for the pictures. You want pictures created from 0, for you, not pictures taken from the internet.
  • The front cover of your eBook should be super awesome. Think very well what you have to do here.

Even more tips

I promise you that you will find out everything you need to know about creating your first eBook, here are even more tips for you.

  • Your eBook title should be as awesome as the front cover. These 2 can help your eBook sale massive or can make your buyers run away.
  • Wrap everything together, now you should have a complete eBook.
  • If you want to sell the eBook, think for a price. I personally don’t like very cheap eBooks, and I would use a much higher price.
  • If you want to sell the eBook, create a dedicated landing page. You can use any website builder or platform (WordPress is simple to use and free) to create it.

Show for free some pages of your eBook, make your audience curious about this book.

  • Create social media channels for this eBook.

I would use only Facebook, but you decide if other channels can help you.

  • Heavily promote your eBook – ask blog owners to write a review about it (you give them the book for free), ask your friends to read it and share their thoughts about it on their social media (again, you give them the book for free), pay for social media advertising, and so on.

Think out of the box for solutions, you want to sell the eBook to as many persons as possible.

  • Be happy for each sale but never stop promoting your eBook. Consistent work will help you make lots of sales.


This post included everything you need to know about creating your first eBook. Print these tips and keep them near you, each day.

After you create your first eBook, comment here and let us know. We are eager (me and the readers of this blog) to see it.

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