Simple Way To Change Fonts On Facebook and Instagram


Find out below a simple way to change fonts on Facebook and Instagram. It is absolutely free, no registration needed, and it is simple as pressing a button.

Simple Way To Change Fonts On Facebook and Instagram
Simple Way To Change Fonts On Facebook and Instagram

You know that you can change supercharge your texts on Facebook and Instagram with much more interesting fonts, right?

If this is new for you, great, consider it a huge opportunity. 

Most of the people don’t know that they can use practically any font on Facebook and Instagram, and they stick with the standard font. In some cases, probably it is the best thing to do, but especially marketers love to experiment and find ways to increase engagement and conversions rates.

Using more interesting and creative fonts on your Facebook and Instagram is free of charge, it is simple to implement, and if used right (I mean no crazy fonts that are hard to read or which are not related to your company) can generate impressive results.

People are sick of the standard fonts and when they will see a new font, they will immediately concentrate to see the new thing on Facebook and Instagram.

And even more, if you haven’t noticed, there is a worldwide move about fonts. Most of the software, apps, and even mobile phones operating systems are starting to implement ways to change and fully customize fonts and colors.

Fonts play a major role in all texts, no matter where you see them. If you want to get the best out of your Facebook and Instagram text messages, use this simple way to change fonts and test-drive it to see the results.

Here is the guide.

Simple way to change fonts on Facebook and Instagram

To change the font on Facebook, you will need to follow 5 steps.

The process is insanely easy.

Here it is.

Step 1 – Go to It is a creative text generator.

Step 2 – Type in the left box the text you want to publish on Facebook. In the right part, your text will appear in several different text styles.

Step 3 – Check all the generated fonts in the right box. There are hundreds of versions, scroll until you find the one that you like. When you do find the version you like, click and drag your mouse over the text to highlight it.

Step 4 – On PC, right-click and then click “Copy”, or use “CTRL+C” keyboard command.

               On a Mac, right-click and click “Copy” or hold “Command+C”

Step 5 – Now that you copied the text, go back to Facebook and Instagram and paste it in your post or message.

              On PC, right-click and the click “Paste” or use the “CTRL+V” keyboard key combination.

              On MAC, right-click and press “Paste” or press “COMMAND+V”.

It is this simple to use creative and more engaging fonts on Facebook.


Hope you loved this simple way to change fonts on Facebook and Instagram.

I was amazed to find out that very few people on the planet know it is possible to change fonts on Facebook and Instagram. That is why I wanted to share the information with you, everybody needs to know this simple “trick”.

Discussing with friends of mine that work as marketers in all kind of companies, they were extremely happy to find out that fonts can be changed on Facebook and Instagram, with ease, and for free. They are among the people that will use very often this smart way of changing fonts on 2 of the most powerful social networks in the world.

Supercharge your posts and messages with engaging fonts. These fonts will help you gather attention for your posts, give it a try.