Google Chrome 98 Just Launched In Beta

Google Chrome 98 Just Launched In Beta

Google Chrome 98 just launched in beta, a few days ago. It is coming with lots of useful features, upgrades, and heavy improvements that we will all love. Just wait and see the details.

Google Chrome 98 Just Launched In Beta

After lots of work, Google managed to present Chrome 98 in the very first days of 2022.

In this brief article, you will find everything you need to know about Google Chrome 98.

There are useful features in this new software, that will make Chrome even better.

What’s new in Chrome 98?

Google listened carefully Chrome’s users and they decided to include most of the features that people wanted.

In plus, they did improvements that most people didn’t expect to see soon.

As always, Google made a super job with this new version.

This is what you need to know.

Built-in screenshot feature for desktop

I don’t know what type of user you are, but I am constantly taking screenshots of my desktop computer.

So, I am super glad Chrome 98 is finally having its own bult-in screenshot utility software.

Forget about 3rd party software, we will use Chrome to make our screenshots. It is not that this software are not great, but usually they have things that I don’t like (are not user friendly, some are not free, and so on).

Taking screenshots will be quick and easy.

Screenshots can be personalized with emoji

Another cool feature of Chrome 98 is that the software lets us easily personalize screenshots with emoji.

So, if you are taking a screenshot with Chrome 98, you have the possibility to add the emoji you want.

This is in plus of drawing and adding text.

Now we can take a screenshot, add text and make a drawing, and at the end add a emoji so the receiver know what we feel about.

Think about it, this is super useful, and it will be very simple to use.

Full privacy control

Google will let you fully control privacy.

Chrome 98 has tons of settings that you can make to fully protect your privacy.

You might say that Google already does that, but now they went the extra mile.

This doesn’t mean that Google wants you to stop sharing your data with them, but they better explain you what you need to know to make the right decision for you.

HDR improvements for CSS

With Chrome 98, web developers will have the possibility to use CLL to poll whether the screen their website is currently displayed on supports HDR content.

You always wanted this feature?

Here it is, enjoy it.

Better looking emoji

Chrome 98 made emoji look clearer and crisper.

In plus, all of them take less storage than before.

This is not all

Chrome 98 is in Beta, so new updates for sure will follow.

Stay tuned and find out in the following weeks what Chrome 98 has to offer.


Chrome 98 will be much easier to use, faster, safer, and it will have many built-in features that will help us get rid of 3rd party software.

Google is always delivering a top-level of quality, usefulness, and user-friendly software. They are similar to Apple from this point of view, both companies put lots of effort and resources into developing outstanding software and pieces of equipment.

As already mentioned, Chrome 98 is in Beta, so it is not the final version, but soon we will have it installed and use it with pleasure.

Probably you are as curious as me to find out what other goodies will Google Chrome 98 come with.

Stay tuned, a follow-up article to this one will be launched when times come.