Happiness in a typeface: How to find the best Disney fonts

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Disney Plus just went live, making all our dreams come true, just about three decades too late. Well, if you want to get in touch with your inner child or just trying to be a good parent, here are the best Disney fonts that you can use to make your kid’s day. 

Raise your hand if you first met the Lion King on a VCR. My parents can really teach you a thing or two about that, they had to tape a copy of Cinderella over Pretty Woman. OK, this might just be a Europe problem, we didn’t have video rental services, so we had to make due. But we now have a moral obligation to throw that into our kids faces, they just don’t understand how good they have it, right? 

Disney’s online streaming platform just went live today, with their own content as well as movies from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. Yeah, we would have totally stayed at home and do a Disney marathon, but we have to work in order to afford it. So we’re doing the next best thing and helping you find the best Disney fonts out there. 

They are great to use for special events like Disney themed birthday parties, for decorating children’s rooms or playgrounds and classrooms on holidays. But we’ve also included Disney fonts options that look great on screens, if you are looking to design a website for children’s books, for example. We have included several examples of fonts that are inspired by Disney’s biggest hits, not just the emblematic Disney logo. 

No matter what you intend to use them for, we’ve made sure our designers chose the best Disney fonts available. Browse through the list below and don’t forget to leave us a comment with your own suggestions!

OK, let’s start with the classics. New Waltograph is your safest bet for a Disney font if you are looking for the trademark ”Walt Disney” look. It’s what you see front and center at Disneyland, it’s the typeface you see above the Disney Castle right before the movie starts. 

The Walt Disney font is another version of the classic. If you need options, carefully browse between them and see which one looks better on the platform you need it for. 

Few titles scream Disney louder than Cinderella, so we just had to follow with this one. The Cinderella Regular is all you could see before the carriage turned back into a pumpkin. It has the royal, intricate look fit not just for any princess, but for the ultimate princess. 

But another character is the ultimate Disney ambassador. Can you guess who we’re talking about? Of course it’s Mickey Mouse, synonym to our childhood and equaled by no other Disney character ever again. Mickey was created by Walt Disney himself and it’s safe to say he is the foundation for the entire empire that Disney is today. That’s why we’re giving you several options for Mickey Mouse inspired Disney fonts. 

Wicked Mouse is the closest Disney font to the flagship Mickey Mouse cartoons. 

The Mickey font is a good alternative, if you are working with a dark background. 

But the Mickey Ears is a great Disney font because it relies on the beloved character’s most recognisable trait. 

And because Christmas is the best time of the year to turn your house – and your life – into a fairytale, Mickey’s Merry Christmas font is right up there in our Disney fonts recommendations. Mickey in a Santa Claus hat, need we say more?

And because we slid into classic land, let’s stay here just a little while longer. AL Princess Snow White is a beautiful representation of the lovely Disney princess. You can only use this Disney font for big, preferably printed materials. Our experts also recommend combining it with a minimal script font, that will keep you in the fairytale, but that would be easier to use. 

Similarly to to the Mickey Ears font, the JLR Star Shrek font emphasized on the character’s most recognisable trait. Yes, the cute ears always get us. 

Moana’s font is another great option for Disney fonts. It can look great on any number of materials, both on print and screen. 

So does the Ice Age Movie font. Is is simple, bulky and heavy, just like the ice block that always falls on your head just when you are in reaching distance of that horrible acorn. 

The Ice Age font is the alternative for white letters, in case you are going full onto the snow theme. 

Let’s keep the ice in mind and take a look at Frozito, a great Disney font inspired by the hit movie Frozen. You can almost feel the chill just by looking at this typeface, but the cold never bothered you anyway, right?

And, speaking of the Ice Age, let’s travel just a few million of years later and land in the mythic times of Hercules. The Disney Heroic font looks just like the beloved Hercules series. 

And because villains are becoming more and more relatable and lovable in recent years, the Once Upon a Dream (Maleficent) font is an amazing pick from Disney fonts.

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Also, make sure you check the Blog Section – you might get that cool idea that will help you better define you visual identity. 

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