10 Great Books About Fonts

10 Great Books About Fonts

If you have a strong desire to learn everything is possible about typography and fonts, here are 10 great books about fonts to start with.

10 Great Books About Fonts

The order of these books is not important, it is totally random.

I will write a short description for each of these books, so you can quickly decide if you put it on your list or not.

Have in mind that these books are also useful if you want to find out how to select fonts for your projects, what to avoid, what is great, and much more.

Here we go.

10 Great books about fonts

I haven’t read all these books, but I searched the internet a lot for reviews, and I discussed with 3 friends of mine that are obsessed with fonts (in a good way).

Typographie: A Manual of Design Hardcover

This is one of the most widely used and referenced book in the typography industry.

It is about Emil Ruder, one of the originator of Swiss Style, about comparisons of similarities and contrasts, about inserted types, and much more.

The Anatomy of Type: A Graphic Guide to 100 Typefaces

Whenever you are looking for a font for a project of yours, read this book.

You will find in-depth analysis of 100 of the most popular and useful fonts in the world.

The Designer’s Dictionary of Type

Font lovers highly appreciate this book for containing lots of popular fonts and how they have been used in the real world.

This is a must-have book for both beginners and experts in typography.

The Visual History of Type: A visual survey of 320 typefaces

With this book you will find complete information about the evolution of typography.

This book is considered to be the most extensive and downright book on the evolution of the art of designing fonts.

It is also great for people that are more into fonts for the print.

Why Fonts Matter

Why Fonts Matter is a magnifique book about how typography affects people’s perceptions — on labels, packaging, etc. – and much more.

Typographic Design: Form and Communication

This book will help you have a better understanding about typography and type in detail.

Have in mind that this book is for people that look for extended knowledge on these subjects.

Theory of Type Design by Gerard Unger

Excellent book on type design theory, filled with highly interesting information.

The book is very nicely structed and written, something that we would all expect from a professional like Gerard Unger.

The Elements of Typographic Style: Version 4.0: 20th Anniversary Edition

This is an absolutely fantastic book about the history and practice of typography.

Printing Types, Their History Forms And Use

Today’s designers find this book extraordinary as it tells the art of typography from the dawn of printing and until now, discussing the importance of each historic period.

The book was originally a two-volume book, but now there is a single book with all the information.

Masters of the Italic Letter

If you want to find more about Italic Letter, this is your book.

It is a short book (just 188 pages), but it has tons of good info on Italic.


All these 10 great books are popular among font enthusiasts, marketers, experts, designers, and many others.

But of course that you should not stop after reading these 10 great books about fonts.

If you are really into typography, read everything is out there.

You will find new and useful information in absolutely every book you will get.

What is great about font books is that they are all made by experts in the font industry.