One Million Fonts In A Single File


Have you ever wanted one million fonts in a single file (over two-and-a-half million with italics)?

One Million Fonts In A Single File
One Million Fonts In A Single File

It is now possible with Helvetica Now Variable.

These are great news for all of us, not only the graphic designers, web designers, and developers.

The big news

The famous type foundry Monotype launched a variable version of the most popular font – Helvetica. It now has more than a million fonts in a single file.

Its name is Helvetica Now Variable and it is built on the 2019 release of Helvetica Now.

This is probably the biggest fonts news for 2021, I really don’t think that something better will come to this year.

What is Helvetica Now Variable?

It is the most complete font on the planet, at least on planet Earth. 

Helvetica Now Variable has over 1 million styles to play (over two-and-a-half million with italics), putting you in control of everything:

  • You can blend weights as you wish.
  • Have all the styles in just one file.
  • Compressed or condensed widths for huge typographic projects – you decide.
  • You can move through the entire styles sequence quickly and with ease.

Equally important is that you have everything included.

Charles Nix, Creative Type Director at Monotype, said:

“This font gives designers the firepower they need – from greater creative freedom to typographic expression – to produce exquisitely fine-tuned typography and expressive, animated headlines. Moreover, it’s just plain fun, with the potential to bring the good news of variable fonts to the masses. Helvetica Now Variable is everything Helvetica should be today.”

Helvetica Now Variable is a powerful extension of the Helvetica Now family that helps you make custom-blends from its weights (Hairline to ExtraBlack), optical sizes (four point to infinity), and new Compressed and Condensed widths.

Create infinite shades of expression, incredible typographic animations, and ultra-refined typography. Its single font file makes it easier to use and wickedly fast. Load one file and access a million fonts—in a fraction of the size of a traditional font family.

The price of Helvetica Now Variable

You will have to pay $499 for Helvetica Now Variable Family Pack.

The price is not small at a first glance, but when taking into consideration how much you get from this pack and that you will save money by not buying several others fonts for your projects, it quickly becomes a great deal.

Until 27 August, you can get the Helvetica Now Variable Family Pack with 60% discount, so the pack is just $199.

This is a great deal for anybody looking to make a small investment for its upcoming projects.

If you like it, you should get it.

Designers that worked hard to create Helvetica Now Variable

It is worth mentioning the names of all the designers that made Helvetica Now Variable.

Here they are:

Max Miedinger, Charles Nix, Monotype Studio, Friedrich Althausen, Malou Verlomme, Jan Hendrik Weber, Emilios Theofanous

Congrats to all these guys, they made super work.


Helvetica Now Variable just changed the game and for sure many other big players in the font industry will follow and come with similar packages.

Monotype did a really good job with Helvetica and if somebody believed that Helvetica is already at its best, he was wrong, Helvetica just got even better.

Furthermore, there are unlimited possibilities with Helvetica and the best designers will use it at its maximum capacity, stopping using several fonts for their projects.

Now it is not needed, with Helvetica Now Variable we can make any combination of styles we want.

Don’t forget about the discount that you can get until 27 August, the special price is $199 (and not $499 as the list price).

Get it now.

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