10 Awesome Distorted Fonts


Distorted fonts are pulled or twisted out of shape, or just contorted. Use any of the below 10 awesome distorted fonts to create huge impact in your website design, landing page, posters, and in other materials.

You will have to pay very close attention when using distorted fonts. All such fonts break the laws of typography and can be raise your design up in the sky, or just destroy it, in seconds.

Below, you will find 10 awesome distorted fonts created by top designers from all over the world.


Bob Comic Font – Get it here

This font looks nice and it is still easy to read and understand.

I find it a good fit for standup comedy posters, for schools, for Halloween, and other themed parties.

Punc Free Font – Get it here

Punc is a free font that you can easily use in movies posters, for signers, in science projects, and games.

It defies all typography rules, but it is interesting, and as you can see, it is quite easy to read.

Facón Free Font Typeface – Get it here

Facon is a beautiful and unique font. Use it for supplements, food, gyms, gymnastics, and other places.

Bleach / Sans-Serif Typeface – Get it here

Bleach is an all caps sans-serif font that smells of PBR and dive bars, inspired by 90’s grunge rock.

For sure I saw it in scary movies posters.

Sabotated – Get it here

Hand-scratched with a custom-made cola pen, this font set will tear through your text with unmistakable energy and raw power – perfect for logos, branding & product packaging, and any text which needs a heavy dose of hulk-mode.

Smash Wall – Get it here

SMASH WALL is display font that inspired by a wall that was cracked because of being hit, the character of this font is strong and bold. the pieces are made as realistic as possible, as if they were broken by being hit. each character has 3 versions of fractional locations, above, middle and below.

Freich – Get it here

Perfect for posters with super hero, rebellious, or propaganda themes. Its sharp and strong letter forms will make any statements more powerful.

KillerAnts – Get it here

There are two versions of Killer Ants, regular and bold. Regular is a very cool cracked up looking font that will be great for all kinds of stuff. Bold is one of the most distressed fonts I’ve ever seen – there’s crap everywhere – adjust your leading (line spacing) so the grunge overlaps for even more mess.

This font was inspired by an ant invasion out in back of the studio. The artist grabbed a type sample, crinkled it up to get it good and worn out – then he used it to “take care of” the ant invasion. Yes, those blobs are actually smashed ants. How crazy is that?

He went the extra mile to create a unique font.

Originals – Get it here

The font can be used for many purposes but looks great when put on signs, shirts or cards. Also, it works perfect on fresh summer theme designs.

Glassure – Get it here

Glassure is an experimental typeface that is inspired by every pull and curl in the process of making glass sculptures, weird yet beautiful marble pattern, and a little touch of art nouveau and vintage style.

Combine the uppercases, lowercases and other feature to get the look that you want. There is a unique feature in this typeface that allows you to make two-letters block just by selecting an even number of letters and activating the ‘titling alternates’ in the software you are using.


These 10 awesome distorted fonts can be game-changer in your website design or landing page. Use them properly and you will feel the power of fonts.

Test several fonts until you decide which one will be chosen. Best is to save the same design but with different fonts and analyze them in the same.


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