How To Choose The Right Font For Your Website


How to choose the right font for your website is important.

How To Choose The Right Font For Your Website

Choosing the right fonts is as important as deciding the structure of your website, the functionalities that you want, how the website visitors will navigate through pages, how will they contact you, and so on.

Below, you will find out why is important and what fonts are the best to use for your website.

The advices are for the general public (99% of us all) and are not 100% mandatory conditions. That means you can skip some of these advices and still have the right fonts for your website. I will explain what I mean a bit later.

Now let’s answer this question.

Why choosing the right fonts is important for your website?

Your website, as a whole, is made out of:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Texts
  • Objects
  • Navigation menu
  • Buttons
  • Pictures
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • And much more.

While each part of your website is important, fonts play a huge role in your overall website design.

Here is why.

Imagine Apple’s website with a gothic or weird font, or a very small font size.

I bet that people will stop buying Apple’s products because they would find the website very hard to use.

If fonts can powerfully affect a huge company in terms of online sales, it means that it can easily destroy a small website.

And this happens many times for small websites especially, but they found out so late that it is impossible to make repairs.

Also, fonts are said to be racist.

So, picking such fonts for your website might easily destroy it.

There are also fonts that are so rare that almost nobody has them installed. The system will use a replacement and that replacement might look terrible.

Now let’s see how to choose the right fonts.

How to choose the right font for your website

Here are my advices on choosing the right font for your website.

These advices work perfectly if you are building your own website by yourself (with a website builder or any other method), or if you work with a designer, agency, team, etc, and you want to be sure that the “designer” takes into consideration also important aspects about fonts, and not just their gorgeous look.

Web safe fonts

The most important advice that I can offer you on choosing the right font for your website, is to choose a web safe font.

What are web safe fonts?

Web safe fonts are included in most operating system. They guarantee that users will see typography as it was intended by the website owner.

If you use a font that the user is not having, its browser will replace it with another font. While this might not affect you, there are times when bad things happen. Your website visitor might have in front of him a bad font replacement.

Are web safe fonts still necessary in 2021?

Sure, 100% necessary.

Examples of web safe fonts:

Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Courier New, Verdana, Calibri, and many others.

Free or premium

Both options have pluses and only you can decide which one is better, depending on your budget.

Do a couple of tests before deciding on the final font.

Font sizes

Pick a font that you can use in different sizes and weights.

You want this font to be used both in Headlines and Paragraphs.

If you want to combine the use of 2 fonts, be sure that they work together.

Fonts for multiple language websites

If your website is translated into multiple languages, pay extra attention to fonts.

Some fonts will not work in certain languages.

Sans serif

Sans serif fonts work great for most of the websites.

These fonts are clean, modern and often neutral-looking, making them a great fit for web design.

Font style

It highly depends on your website content.

You will have to match your website’s message and voice with your font style.

Google fonts

Google fonts are among the best free fonts that you can use for your website.

Check these fonts.


Usually, you cannot go wrong if you pick a simple, popular, and free font.

Some of the best websites in the world – Facebook, Apple, Google, and many others, are using such simple fonts.

People tend to complicate simple things, don’t do it.