Fonts That Make Your Landing Page Convert Better


There are many fonts that make your landing page convert better. Do you know them?

These fonts will help not only only your landing page, but your also your other sales materials – brochures, flyers, product data sheet, and everything else.

Let’s see what makes a landing page effective

A great landing page is many times that important difference that makes your income get high in the sky.

The landing page is not important in only 1 case, when you have a product or service that the market is looking to buy nonmatter what. That product is super innovative, it is priced well against the masses of buyers, there is little or no competition, the market knows it very well, and the delivery is fast.

Do you have such a product or service? Usually Apple is having such products. Think of their latest iPhone. People stayed for days in front of the shops to buy it. Did Apple need a super landing page? No if you ask me, the internet was flooded with all the info a buyer would need to make a decision of buying it or not.

These are exceptions, usually the landing page makes the difference between companies. I saw great landing pages that promoted a not so great service but it worked fantastic. And I also saw average landing pages that offered blue ocean services (read more about this strategy if you don’t know it and thank me later) and it worked 10x better than everything else.

There are tons of books, articles, and tutorials about how you can fine tune your landing page and make it convert better but people are still looking for a “secret method”. There aren’t any secrets or maybe there is one, just some common sense recommendations.

The Recommendations

1.Decide the goal of your landing page

What do you expect from your visitors to do on your landing page? They should buy something? Or they should sign up for a newsletter or upcoming product launch? Download an eBook? Have a clear call to action.

2. The landing page should be clean, short, organized, with a clear message

Don’t complicate things, there are only a few seconds in which your visitors will decide if they stay on your page and if they buy. Make the landing page attractive and clear, be concise.

3. The font you use has a huge impact

Pay huge attention to what font you are using.

Test at least 5 fonts and see how your landing page change.

Try several font sizes. Make many tests and check with your friends that are similar with the targeted buyers. If your targeted buyers are old people, do tests with this kind of people and find out from them how your landing page looks in their eyes.

Later in this article we will show you fonts that make your landing page convert better, stay tuned.

4. Your landing page should be fair from all points of view

Explain how your product will help the buyer but don’t exaggerate. Be sincere. Don’t exaggerate your trust signals. Many web tools for designers and developers are having a 5-20k web traffic and they say that their tool is used by millions.

5. The offer and the pricing

You should not offer more than 2-3 choices and prices. Be short, most people don’t like complicated decisions, products, landing pages (yikes), lives, and so on.

6. Tell the potential buyers how they can contact you quick before buying and after buying

I recommend you have a live chat on your landing page and quickly respond to potential buyers’ questions. The potential effect is hugely disproportionate with the cost of the implementation. This can be a hot spot that will make your landing page convert great.

7. Your landing page should be lightning fast and mobile-friendly

Everybody knows it but only a few takes into consideration these 2 aspects. Pay huge attention to this, nobody likes to wait and most times people abandon websites that don’t load extremely quick. You paid for nothing good money on adverting to convince people land on your page if they leave it before reading it.

8. Have a unique landing page

Don’t copy what others did and what is working for others. You have to be unique with everything you do, it is the only way to succeed big on the long run.

This is how successful entrepreneurs do.

We reached the part for which you read this article, let’s start.

Fonts that make your landing page convert better

Fonts are playing a huge part in the “easy to scan at a quick glance” your landing page.

Your font should be easy to read, enjoyable, not complicated, and perfectly adapted to your overall design and landing page message. Seems easy? It is, you only have to pick the right font and do enough tests.

Are there fonts that make your landing page convert better? Yes, there are. These fonts are not magical or surprising, these fonts are usually simple fonts that used right will do the trick – make your landing page convert better.

Here are 5 fonts that make your website convert better

Arial – It is probably the most versatile font on the planet. It works excellent for landing pages, reports, websites, and everything else.

Verdana – Use it for headers.

Tahoma – Use it for web.

Georgia – It works excellent for larger blocks of texts.

Helvetica – this is my favorite. I am using Helvetica on all my landing pages (I am not just a writer 🙂 )

I highly suggest you use any of these 5 fonts. As you see, these are common sense fonts that as you will see in your tests, will make your landing page convert better.

Usually people overthink the landing page design and think they need complicated and expensive fonts. This is not true.

What if you see a font on the internet that you like and you want to use it on your landing page

There is a huge chance that when you browse the internet, you will find a font that you consider the perfect match for your landing page or sales materials.

You can easily identify the font and test it on your landing page.


To use the software, take a screenshot of the font, upload it to WhatFontIs – the best font finder on the web (and it is free to use), write down the characters identified by the powerful AI software (this step is only for not registered users), and in less than a minute, you will find out the following information:

  • The name of the font
  • If it is free or paid
  • The price
  • Where to get it from – link included.
  • Over 60 free and paid alternatives.

And again, this is free and you don’t even need to register.

WhatFontIs is the right font finder to use, having unique features:

  • It Is loaded with over 600k fonts.
  • It is the only system that identifies free and paid fonts.
  • It works with all fonts foundries, including Google fonts.

Use WhatFontIs whenever you want to quickly identify a font or when you need a similar font for the one you like but you don’t have the budget.

You should also use WhatFontIs to find more fonts that make your landing page convert better. How? Take your time and stay on landing pages that produce great results.


Creating a great landing page is not complicated and the process is super enjoyable. Use the recommendations from this article and common sense, this is everything you need to have a landing page that convert. No fancy tools, no “secrets”, no super experience, and no costs at all (it is possible, yes, just convince your brain about this 🙂 ).

There are several fonts that make your landing page convert better, you just have to test them with your website design.

So, as you saw there are at least 5 fonts that make your landing page convert better.

In other words, any font can work if it is easy to read, if it is a web safe font, and if it matches your overall landing page design. But again, I recommend you make lots of tests before deciding which font you will use.

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