The Easy Way To Choose Great Fonts For Your Projects

The Easy Way To Choose Great Fonts For Your Projects

I will show you the easy way to choose great fonts for your projects.       

The Easy Way To Choose Great Fonts For Your Projects

This guide will help you big time, so save it in your bookmarks and come back to it whenever you have to choose fonts for your projects.

Below, you will find out how to choose the right fonts, no matter what projects you might have:

– Landing pages for selling products or services

– Blogs

– Online shops

– Brochures, newspapers, magazines, books, etc.

– Websites

So, let’s start.

The easy way to choose great fonts for your projects

Choosing fonts is highly important and you should absolutely always take your time to pick the right ones. Never but absolutely never rush this part of your design.

Fonts can complement your design and help you get more sales or conversions, or can simply destroy it.

Your audience can consider your font racist and have a huge problem with your choice. This can escalate into something that you cannot imagine. It can easily close your company.

Yes, this is an extreme example but a bad font choice can do incredible harm, at least to big companies, but even if you have a small company, you should not afford to lose customers for such a simple thing – font choices.

Now that we established the importance of fonts, let’s see what makes a font great.

What makes a font great?

Excepting the weirdest fonts that are impossible to understand and read, all fonts are great.

Yes, you read correctly, all fonts are great.

So, what makes a font great then?

You make it great, by using it correctly.

I will explain, just stick with me.

How to use fonts correctly?

There are very simple to follow rules that will help you use fonts correctly.

Here are the most important, keep in mind that some of these rules work combined with others, so don’t pick just a rule and consider it perfect:

– Use serif fonts for print and in places where you want maximum readability. Or in projects in which you want to evoke old and traditional (restaurant menus for example).

– Sans-serif fonts are very flexible, meaning that you can use them almost anywhere without having too much care.

– Don’t combine serif fonts with sans-serif fonts.

– Pick a font that evokes the style you want – serious, playful, old, etc.

– Popular fonts are safe to use – Arial, Calibri, Futura, Helvetica, Times New Roman.

– Don’t combine more than 2-3 sans-serif fonts in one design. Best is to use one font for your headings, and one font for your body text.

– If you combine several fonts, pay attention to fonts that are extremely similar. You don’t want to use very similar fonts as your audience might consider it an error from your side. In plus, selecting such fonts won’t help you at all, you could easily stick with one font than using 2 similar fonts.

– There are tons of free fonts that will work fantastic in your projects (Google Fonts is a great place to start looking for a great font), but there are also premium fonts that cost between $10-$100. Take a good look and analyze your options.

– Analyze your competitors and see what kind of fonts they use. See what style they use, what “voice”, what font sizes and colors, etc.

This guide is very simple to use and you should always stick to it for your projects.


Picking fonts is a nice part of any project and the above rules will flow in your body faster than you might think.